Rebranding: Moneybookers will change to its name to Skrill


The Paypal alternative out of Europe, Moneybookers, just annouced that it is going to rebrand as Skrill by the end of 2011. Skrill, wich is the short form of skrilla, is a slang word for money. Moneybookers is describing it this way: “Skrill means flexibility. Skrill means choice. Skrill means reliability and peace of mind. Skrill makes you online safe.”

Moneybookers Limited was founded in 2002 and is based in London. The young company was voted for UK’s fastest growing private-equity funded company by The Sunday Times this year. The online payment system wants the new name (Skrill) to become a verb for online payment – just like google is one for search.


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