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Free2Move Published: May 23, 2018
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The Free2Move ecosystem is a family of enterprise-level services, websites and mobile apps offering mobility sharing to a wide range of customers. We have a diverse landscape of software systems running to drive our product. Some are legacy others are built on modern and solid technology. Most services are built in Scala but a new Node.js ecosystem is emerging and we investigate the usefulness of AWS Lambda with some internal use cases. We use RabbitMQ as a connector between different services, Redis for fast geo queries and we build and deploy with docker to AWS. Our mobile apps consume a variety of RESTful APIs. Frontend and backend work closely together, to achieve good integration.

Our Node.js stack is built in ES7 on top of koa framework. Testing is done with Jest, we measure coverage and the build fails if threshold is not met. MongoDB is our primary data storage. We use latest libs and drivers and go async/await where possible.


We are looking for a working student who wants to learn and apply solid development practices on a modern and stack of node.js technologies. We want to meet you for an interview if:

Your tasks

  • Increase our test coverage by writing more unit and integration tests
  • Write software tutorials and documentation for other developers
  • Implement REST resources, MongoDB queries, JSON processing pipelines according to your knowledge
  • Investigate technologies and build small prototypes

Your profile

  • You are excited about discovering and applying more in-depth knowledge of JavaScript. You should already know basics about prototype inheritance, this binding, closure contexts and lexical scoping (we don’t teach you JavaScript from the beginning here)
  • You are happy to learn a hybrid style of functional and OO programming
  • You pay attention to details when writing your code. You don’t copy&paste code from stackoverflow unless you understand how it works and consider it a good solution
  • You are not afraid to ask questions and you can and want to discuss solutions based on arguments

At Free2Move we offer

  • You will work on a modern and very well designed stack of technologies including a working CI build pipeline (we do a good deal of what can be considered solid engineering)
  • You will read and work with clean code written by people (you know what that means)
  • You get everyday mentoring
  • You will work in an international team with flat hierarchies
  • You will free carsharing!!

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