Web Front end designer

CIS Worldwide Published: June 10, 2019
Ottobrunn, Germany
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NGINX,  HTML, JavaScript, Flask, Gunicorn, Python, •         Specifically using requests for API access, document creation (xls), email and data manipulation and validation •         Class based •         Database (MySQL, PostgreSQL) •         Web UI Frameworks + continued development / customisation •         Covering multiple browser platforms for consistent user experience •         Web security (Frontend & backend) •         User security •         Logging •         etc •         Use of Git and standard workflows The persons would be responsible for the development of a new internal web platform providing different functions/features per user or user group. The platform will provide tooling for operational teams daily needs in support and for operational teams to deploy new infrastructure via the platform which will ultimately use APIs to connect to backend infrastructure such as Cisco ACI, VMWare, DDI, Terraform and Ansible.  The platform must be flexible enough to allow timely development of new features and therefore design skills are required to ensure that the underlying implementation is scalable and manageable.

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