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Valispace Published: November 10, 2017
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At Valispace, we want to transform the collaborative engineering of complex hardware, such as satellites, power plants or autonomous vehicles. Managing this growing complexity with Excel spreadsheets and emails has reached its limit and it's showing, for example, in cost and schedule overruns.

Valispace overcomes this by harnessing the power of web technologies: We are building a browser-based data storage and collaboration software and API. Our ambition is to become the GitHub of hardware engineering: allowing engineers and designers worldwide to work together in a streamlined way, much as git has enabled efficient collaboration on software.

We are an international, fast-paced team of software developers and satellite engineers. Valispace is growing fast and we are looking for new team members to join us in improving and expanding our reliable and fast backend and/or our powerful but still easy-to-use frontend. We are recruiting for a permanent and full time position in Lisbon.

This is some of the work you could be doing on a typical day at Valispace:

  • Take the lead on the programming of a soon-to-be released feature
  • Fix a customer bug and let them know that it has been fixed via email
  • Participate in the discussion of how to design and implement the next big feature all the way from back to front end
  • Do an online tutorial for a new library which you think might become useful for the Valispace software in the future.


  • are intrigued by our mission to become the GitHub for hardware engineering
  • are looking for a challenge
  • are a fast learner
  • prefer responsibility over micro-management
  • work smart
  • know some of the following already: Django, Python, HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Docker
  • feel comfortable communicating and are proactive in your work
  • are proud of your broad skillset, flexibility and honesty.

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