Web & APIs developer (React, AWS)

fieldmargin Published: November 13, 2017


fieldmargin is helping farmers make better and quicker decisions by getting them the information they need when they need it.

Our web product allows a farmer to see an overview of everything happening on the farm, including the positioning of their vehicles, the temperature of their grain store and the performance of their crops.

We’re building public APIs that will allow other products and services in the agriculture industry to connect to fieldmargin, in order to share maps, field boundaries, sensor readings and much more.

We're looking for a mid-senior developer to join our Web & APIs team, who will be tasked with:

  • building the React web application that forms the core of our product
  • creating integrations to pull data in from our partners
  • designing and building the public APIs that make it easy for third parties to connect to us
  • working full stack with the most appropriate tools for the job

We have React powered web applications, native iOS and Android applications and a Java/Spring backend. We use Python for small services and for prototyping. Everything is hosted in AWS with a Kubernetes powered micro-services architecture.

About you

Candidates should be familiar with creating production-ready React web applications and have a good understanding of the web. Python, Java and AWS can be learnt on the job.

As a start-up we work in a dynamic environment where new projects and functionality can pop up at any moment. We’re looking for candidates that enjoy working with new technologies in order to solve interesting user experience and data problems.

There is also an opportunity to take on the responsibility of a whole project, liaising directly with our partners, designing our tools, and releasing to production.

About fieldmargin

fieldmargin is a mobile-first, design-led and cloud-based mapping and note recording system, specifically developed in response to industry-wide frustrations with the antiquated and expensive solutions already on offer.

In the UK, 71% of land is farmland, farming employs almost 500,000 people and yet most software for farmers is delivered on compact disc and data is held locally on desktop machines. Globally, 1.4bn people are directly employed in the agriculture industry.

We will allow farmers to integrate their drone photography, satellite imagery, historical paper maps, IoT sensors and machinery, to fully understand what’s happening on their farms.

In the next 40 years the world will have to produce more food than it has done in the previous 8000. We are doing something in an enormous industry, we are doing something hard, and if we get it right the world will benefit.

The product has generated considerable early interest and has been used by farmers worldwide. The two co-founders have grown several successful multi-million pound businesses between them. Our team of 10 is based in lovely offices in Clerkenwell, with excellent local amenities.

We are a very friendly team, we eat together and often play board games. We work reasonable hours and also offer equity, private healthcare and pension.

No remote workers and absolutely no agencies or recruiters.

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