The A B C of Software Testing | Senior QA

    MONGOOSE GRAY Published: October 8, 2020
    LONDON, United Kingdom
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    The ABC of QA

    A is for Ahoy there shipmates! which is a jaunty greeting we’re trying out these days.

    B is for black-box testing techniques, which we’d like you to know like a friend who you’d buy a birthday card for.

    C is for Cucumber, which we’d like you to know like a friend you’d post a birthday message on Facebook for.

    D is for defect tracking system, which you know all about because you’ve worked on at least one.

    E is for English, which you write and speak like someone who’s watched a lot of Stephen Fry shows.

    F is for Fair understanding of web technologies, which is what Spider-Man has and so should you.

    G is for grey-box testing experience, which is like black-box testing experience only less black.

    H is for highly complex software systems, which you explore and understand and maybe even lurrrve.

    I is for ISTQB-CTFL, which is an unhelpful Scrabble hand but a very helpful certification.

    J is for JavaScript, who tags along when you meet up with Cucumber.

    K is for K, 60 of which we’ll pay you.

    L is for London, where St Paul’s and more than 237 Pret A Mangers are, and where we are too. M is for MDN bug writing guidelines, which you know like you know the alphabet.

    N is for No, which you shouldn’t say to the test manager with whom you’ll be coordinating.

    O is for Oh blimey, which we hope you won’t say when we tell you one of your responsibilities is to carry out static testing on software development artefacts; identifying deviations from standards, missing requirements, design defects and inconsistent interface specifications.

    P is for PHP and phew! you made it through that sentence without passing out.

    Q is for Quality Assurance Analyst, which will be you. It’s a crucial position that bridges the gap between the client-facing support team and the development team.

    R is for regression testing, which you’ll do after code changes have been made.

    S is for SDLC and Selenium, who you know so well that you’d bail on Cucumber for them.

    T is for test plan runs (or modular sets of test case runs), which you’ll execute like a black- hooded hangman.

    U is for Us. We’re a medium-sized software company. Nice to meet you.

    V is for very good, you’ve made it this far. Just a couple more to go.

    W is for web-based applications, of which you’ll have manual functional testing experience. X is for X, which is the Greek character meaning, ‘Analyse customer support tickets captured by the support team and, if valid, escalate to a defect.’

    Y is for Yes, we made that up.

    Z is for ‘Zounds! I must whip over a CV and a covering letter outlining my suitability for this role, toot sweet!’ which is what you should be saying right now.

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