Technology Executive

Coindrum Limited Published: February 7, 2017
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Purpose: Bring tech know-how in-house, contribute improvements and ongoing technical assistance for Coindrum units in airports, as well as supporting general company growth.

Duties & Responsibilities: Will vary significantly as a small but growing team due to the dynamic nature of an early stage business. Your job will go beyond technical responsibilities and will include:

  • Travel to oversee technical aspects of unit installations (internet connectivity, screen flow set up etc.)
  • Ongoing technical support of the installed machines
  • Ongoing technological improvements
  • Managing relationships and product development with several technology partners that have the specific know how for hardware and software
  • Other diverse and non-tech related tasks we take on as a team, such as:
    • Brainstorming and creative input for managerial and strategic decisions
    • Organisational and practical support for events such as trade fairs or investor presentations
    • Managing of social media presence
    • Customer acquisition
    • Research work



  • Essential
    • Values teamwork
    • Will to figure things out on the go
    • Ready to take responsibility
  • Desirable
    • Passion for entrepreneurship


  • Essential
    • IT savvy
  • Desirable
    • Programming & ideally hardware knowledge


  • Desirable
    • Finance related degree


  • Essential
    • Online database creation, software troubleshooting, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, good communication & writing skills
  • Desirable
    • Interest in electronics & programming, Photoshop

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Please send us your CV to: [email protected] / or call +353 153 947 88

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