Technical Writer/Speaker

Lifebit Published: May 16, 2018


Lifebit is building the world’s first intelligent genomics platform that understands DNA data and generates meaningful insights.

We just closed an over $3M funding round from two major London funds after graduating from Techstars London 2017's cohort.

We are building a cloud-based cognitive system that can reason about DNA data like humans do. This offers researchers/R&D professionals, and their corresponding organisations (ie. pharmas), a highly scalable, modular and reproducible system that automates the analysis processes, learns from the data and provides actionable insights.


At Lifebit, we care about your genes. We want to help people to understand their DNA and improve their lifestyle. We work hard to allow people to navigate their genetic map and help them understand themselves a little bit more. To do so, we are building tools that allow people to find the right solutions and products, on-demand, based on their personal DNA.

Our aim is to provide high quality analysis for any personal DNA information to the public. Instead of allowing companies to take control over DNA, we will empower public ownership of their data, and connect them on-demand based on their interests and their personal information, to match their expectations and interests in the market.

If you are interested about genetics, nutrition, lifestyle or any topic that help you become a better version of yourself, if you find yourself reading about the latest human medicine and genetics research, and want to contribute to bringing it into the public, then we want to meet you.

About you:

• Have some knowledge in bioinformatics and/or human genetics, metabolism or related fields.
• Good communication skills, both oral and written, with attention to detail.


• Content writing: Documentation, Blog Posts, etc.
• Engaging with the community through events, online forums, etc.
• Implementing community strategy to support our user base growth.
• Community on-boarding, activation and retention.


More about the team:

Lifebit’s founding team has over 30 years of combined experience in the field - they know first-hand what the need is and how to build the right technological solution to address its pain-points. Prior to founding Lifebit, they worked on building the programming language that is predominantly used in the genomics world to develop applications that are faster and better at analysing DNA data - Nextflow ( published on Nature Biotechnology.

Nextflow’s quick and overreaching adoption shows the urgent need the industry faces for a solution that addresses the increasing computational and big data challenges related to any genomics analysis.

All above requirements and specs are just an indication of what we’re looking for. However, sometimes the perfect person is far more or less experienced than we anticipated. If you think that might be the case, please apply and just let us know.

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