Technical Support Engineer (Sofia, Bulgaria)

Transformify Published: June 28, 2017
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Linux, UNIX, Technical Support, English, TCP/IP







A team of technical enthusiasts with a passion for complex riddles, solving them that is, is looking for like-minded talented “subjects”. We are looking for someone with focus on delivering impeccable customer service combined with the technical skill set of a seasoned IT pro.

Technical and Challenging go hand in hand in our Support department. Depending on the situation there will be days when one would feel like House M.D. and others when the skill level of a “master diplomat” will be achieved. All that while helping our customer build and use their dream solution and architecture - using the latest and greatest technologies. And if that is not enough to scary you off - do have in mind that this is a job which will give you a lot of experience in many different areas - something you can hardly imagine being the role of Technical Support Engineer, yet it is 🙂

All these perks come with a great amount of responsibility and accountability. As every doctor you will need to work on shifts. As every advisor and "master diplomat" you would need to mind the details (and sometime the paperwork). And as every exceptional technical expert you will need to be impeccable in your engineering work. And yet as a customer support engineer you will need to be more than anything else - passionate for customer experience.

While you are applying, please consider the list of skills that will help you successfully start with this particular job at Axway:
* Common sense. It is extremely uncommon these days, so we are more than happy to meet you, should you have it.
* Linux and UNIX knowledge(You will be surprised by the number of flavours). You should not be afraid to work with terminals and feel comfortable not holding a mouse for long time(granted one is even present).
* Experience in TCP/IP networks - both building and troubleshooting.
* Knowledge of transfer protocols and how they work. HTTP, FTP, SFTP, SMTP, AS2, you name it. There are a few that we dare-not-name too.
* English language. Excellent verbal and written skills are necessary. As the official communication language in Axway is English - that will be the language you will be using in 90% of your time around the office.
* Excellent customer service skills.
* MS Windows Server administration.
* Last but not least - the ability to absorb and articulate new knowledge in a way that customers can understand.

There are few additional things that can give you an advantage too:
* Be self-directed and able to work independently with little direct supervision.
* Be able to learn on your own and relay knowledge to others in any form(written or verbal).
* Experience with programming or scripting languages.
* Knowledge of SSL and how security, encryption and privacy works in communication systems.
* Knowledge of databases administration and SQL.
* Knowledge of Email systems and firewalls.

Why would you choose Axway?

We think Axway is a great place to learn and grow - both as a professional and a person. It doesn’t really matter if you are at the start of your career or If you have 30+ years of experience in IT, you will still find the above statement true.
And because we know how important is that we also match our future colleague’s requirements we offer you to get familiar with some of us, the management team, on LinkedIn:
* Martin Bachev - former Email Security Engineer, currently a Support manager
* Danail Ivanov- former Email Security Engineer, currently a Support manager and a guy without LinkedIn profile.
* Yavor Christov – former Email Security Engineer, currently a Support manager
* Kosta Galabov – Currently Director of the Customer Services department and actually the first Technical Support Engineer in Axway Support dept in Sofia. Former (looong time ago ) QA and IT engineer.

We want you to grow, and we will help you with that. We are deeply committed to helping our employees leverage the promotion and job mobility opportunities that are right for them.
You will have the opportunity to work with great people and professionals in a friendly and open minded environment. Working in Axway for most of us feels like working with a huge family. Significant amount of our colleagues are with Axway since its start and because we are expanding we are always eager to join new members to the team. Working time that can be flexible when needed too.
You will get challenged with complex and important tasks so you can show your full potential and develop new skills and knowledge.
Lots of fun in and out of work! We have table tennis, PlayStation, foosball at the office. We organize a lot and fun team events. We enjoy spending time and hanging out with colleagues out of the office sharing similar interests.

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