Technical Lead Engineer

Retorio Published: December 2, 2020
Munich, Germany
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About Us

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to make everyone a people expert. About themselves or others. To do that, we combine the latest research and development from two disciplines: psychology and artificial intelligence. We support individuals in one of the noblest of pursuits: the ability to “know thyself”. By understanding their personality, people grow; as they develop, their learnings advance the goals of their organizations. For companies, understanding personality means identifying values and individualizing talent development. We’re supported by world-class individuals and used by customers across the globe.

Our Culture

In our house, we embrace giving people responsibility, allowing them to come up with---and implement---new ideas. To get things done, we work in a multicultural team. We accept and aim to understand those who are different from ourselves. We (almost) do not care which work environment you need to get things done (grind out code while listening to Sting on full-volume? Headphones, please:) ). What’s most important is getting our work done---and anticipating what comes next. We don’t celebrate ourselves all the time---even though we’re a cool bunch. Instead, we put our customers and the important work they do, first.

Your Role

We’re looking for an exceptional (human) individual who wants to change how people see themselves and others. You’ll help others in making use of our product and ease their life.

At the moment we’re looking for someone who is able to do hands-on coding and can evolve over time into a more concept-based and team-leading role.


Examples of tasks that you might face

  • Designing, implementing and deploying scalable micro-services / serverless functions
  • Implementing monitoring and quality assurance mechanism
  • Code Reviews and Feedback
  • Maintenance of our system landscape
  • Build integrations with other systems (e.g., Workable, Personio)
  • Managing of cloud environments, DevOps
  • Collaborating with other teams (e.g., design, sales, or service) to better understand how customer input can be translated into solutions


Current tech stack we use and you’ll face:

  • Frontend: ReactJS, Redux
  • Backend: Node.js microservices
  • Database: PostgreSQL
  • Infrastructure: Google Cloud


What we offer

  • Responsibility and growth
  • Stress and joy
  • Setbacks and learnings
  • Uncertainty and success


What we’re looking for

  • Spoken and written English language skills
  • ~ 5-6 years of professional experience
  • Ambitious character not afraid to take risks
  • Someone who wants to build solutions
  • Hands on experience with JavaScript (~ 3-4 years), API design, Event-Driven Architecture. Experience with multiple other development languages is nice to have.
  • Production experience with SQL, PostgreSQL is a plus,
  • Optional: Databases and Microservices in Cloud data centers (distributed systems, AWS, Google Cloud or Azure)

Why you should apply

We care about who you are. We do not care about things that are not in your hands. Your skin colour, your age, etc. – What we care about though is your personality!

That’s why in the first place, we want to give you a chance to show us who you are, what makes you special, what is not visible in a CV. To ensure early on we see you as who you are, we’ll ask you to tell us about yourself in a short video. This way we want to give you the chance to put your personality in the focus.

If you want to practice upfront visit: to get your individual feedback.

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