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Groupr App Published: March 26, 2017


Hi All


My name is Redouane Abbad (everyone calls me Red)

I co-founded an app a little over a year ago called Groupr. (

We are a team of 4 and we are planning to redevelop the app to make it a better experience for our users.

We have the largest UK pub crawl company and the largest student nights out event company in the Uk that have both given us their commitment that they’ll be using the app in all their events. Sadly not in its current state - but we have presented them with our feature and flow diagram for new version and they are as excited as we are to get this up and going!

Oh, we were also mentioned in the Metro news paper in the technology for weddings as a preferred events app to share your photos! I thought that was pretty cool J

I took out a loan to get the first one up and running and we realised that now we need someone that can develop on team as a co-founder.

The Team

Me: I work in investment management and work on the app after work and weekends. I wear many hats and have been concentrating on business development. Which is how we go the events companies mentioned above. (Based in London)

T: Co-founder. Has his own IT company. We use all of his infrastructure and team for our hosting & server needs etc.  (Based in London)

J: Co-founder. Our creative genie. Is a screenwriter, videographer, photographer and a seasoned UI/UX guy. (Based in Norway)

F: Our NED. He started a company that did the ad campaigns for Uber and King (candy crush company). Also president of the International Advertisers Association. (Based in London)

YOU: Android/iOS native developing capabilities. (Ideally basic API capabilities as well.


  • Co-founder Equity & Co-founder salary once we raise some ££££££££$$$$$$$
  • Optional: a buyback for some % if its something that you want for a nice chunk to cover the development whilst retaining some %. (once we raise enough ££)
  • A great , dynamic and hard working team that is more of a family now than anything.

Contact Details: [email protected]


Thanks for checking it out and please reach out!



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