Software Engineering – Intern / Junior

Meterian Ltd Published: May 2, 2019
London, United Kingdom
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Who are we?

Meterian is a cyber-security startup based in London, launched in 2018 by two passionate founders, Bruno Bossola and Vivian Dufour, that left their jobs to try to run their own project and make software applications a little bit safer. We are at the start of this journey, and if you join you will breathe the real startup experience, with all up and downs, but always working with kind and understanding people.

Who are we looking for?

Perhaps you, if you’re reading this and would be ready to take on new challenges and learn by doing at Meterian. We are looking for two junior developers to join our core engineering team. The ideal candidate knows a programming language, ideally Java, and the basics of algorithms, data structures and programming. You may already have some experience hacking your own projects but not necessarily at a workplace. If you have a Github profile or code portfolio, that’d be awesome to show! You’re humble, willing to learn, open to new challenges and have the determination to see things through to the end. You have an engineering approach to things by first understanding the problem and then fixing it.

What’s our tech stack?

On our frontend, we use Javascript, HTML and CSS. On the backend, which exposes REST APIs, we use Java, Python, Apache, MySQL, RabbitMQ and Ansible for deployment automation in the cloud. All our microservices are currently written in Java with Spring-boot or Sparkjava, and we are using Python for some supporting functions. We use Kanban as a development process, some TDD, but we are very flexible.

What are we offering?

You will be working side by side with our CTO Bruno – a good mentor who can really teach you a lot, giving you the tools for a successful career in software development. In terms of the contract, this would start as an internship and then progress to full-time employment, but if you qualify you can just start as an employee. You will be provided with a shiny new computer (Mac or Linux), a desk, an extra monitor and all the help we can provide! Your salary will be between 18k£ and 23k£ for the first year, depending on your experience. You will also have a dedicated yearly training budget to spend on your own development, in addition to what is organized and provided by the company.

At this time, we are not yet able to provide VISA, but we are working on that.

What will be your responsibilities?

Most of your day job will be around coding, under supervision and mentoring, so that you can improve your skill set and become more valuable. There are a lot of very interesting (and challenging) features to build, some more complicated than others, and we have a never-ending backlog to go through! Some time in your workday will also be dedicated to devops, support and QA: at this stage in the company, all engineers need to be able to do a bit of everything and be responsible for their own code.

Where are we based?

At the moment we are based in central London, near Shepherd’s Bush, in a nice and quiet coworking space. Being a startup, however, means also that we can move quickly, but do not worry, we will remain in central London with all its convenient transport links.

How do I apply?

If you want to apply, send an email to [email protected] quoting this page or the position “2019-ENG-1”