Software engineer on embedded systems

    Realcast Published: September 18, 2017
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    we are looking for a software engineer who has a passion and extended experience in developing real-time 3d graphics on embedded platforms like consoles & smartphones and who loves to write compact, fast and unmanaged code in a search for zero latency interaction between the software and the user.

    key responsibilities

    make realcast experiences run on selected embedded platforms

    write key software components of realcast content production pipeline

    profile, maintain and optimize rendering, pipelines, lighting and shading components of a content management engine

    share technical knowledge with the rest of the team

    required technical skills & experience

    2+ years of programming experience in graphics, multiplatform & game development

    strong math skills and experience with graphics programming, including cg/hlsl and/or compute shaders

    background in rendering with experience that may include shaders, animation, skinning, lighting, post-processing, special effects development

    excellent skills in c# and c++, with an understanding and passion for readable, robust code and best practices

    comprehensive knowledge of performance considerations, memory management, multiple processor use, and runtime optimizations

    experience with arcore, arkit, tango, hololens

    experience with middleware game engines (unity, unreal, ..)

    great team spirit and human skills

    about :

    realcast develops new forms of multi-user interaction in augmented reality with tangible objects and storytelling.

    realcast is part of ubisoft acceleration program at station f in paris.