ShareMy UK Community Ambassador.

    ShareMy Published: May 25, 2017



    The ShareMy team is looking for a well motivated and enthusiastic individual to join the team immediately for six months, to support, manage  and engage with ShareMy customers & community in the Uk.

    The role is a start-up part time freelance position  with the focus on local customer service, sales & awareness of ShareMy in the Uk. This is a great opportunity to join a young start-up as it expands & you can fit the work also around other work or personnel  commitments as well, we are very flexible in that area.

    Key functions include:

    Community: Driving the awareness of ShareMy as a platform to new users in the Uk and local areas. This is by using all social media platforms as well as also engaging with local communities & channel to help expand ShareMy reach.

    Development : Working with the  team to provide feedback to help develop the platform of ShareMy going forward,  as it ramps in the Uk. .

    Overall a great chance to ramp and shape the Uk business while fitting it around other commitments.

    Key Skills.

    ● Passion, desire, self motivated & good  people and communications skills

    ● Experience in being self sufficient would be helpful.

    So come and join ShareMy.

    Thanks ......Adrian


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