Senior Research & Venture Analyst (m/f)

BEAM Berlin Published: February 23, 2018
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Beam aims to become the world’s most successful logistics company builder. We are backed by BEUMER, a € 1 B revenue, German, family-owned logistics company with a global footprint and access to a very large network of industrial customers. We are also confidently relying on our excellent network of startup mentors, venture capitalists, and technical experts. Headquartered in Berlin, we at Beam are committed to become the strongest – and yet humble – partner for any founder who believes she can build a next generation logistics company.

At € 300 B, the logistics industry is huge: Startups are only beginning to scratch the surface of the transformation made possible by applying software to business problems. Beam will launch three logistics-focussed startups per year: These startups have a clearly defined road to profit. And they are build around a software core product that helps people life a happier, more productive (work) life.

Beam’s greatest asset are its people. We pay great attention to how we choose our colleagues – especially our first in-house Senior Research & Venture Analyst. We are looking for someone with a nimble attitude who will contribute outstanding independent, critical thinking as well as excellent communication skills to our team.

Our core Beam team will remain small, but very high calibre in 2018. Expect a total of four team members plus several very skilled freelancers. You will thus be involved in all decisions taken. A fortunate implication of which is that we need you to constantly learn and grow, professionally and personally. The results of your work will be almost instantly visible.


You will be responsible for continuously sourcing unique logistics business opportunities – both through interviews with high-level experts within BEUMER but also through research-based analysis and workshops in Berlin. We need you to be or become an expert in ideation methods, logistics business models, and the benefits of applying software-based, maturing technologies to existing industrial and private customer problems. You will build up expertise in themes of your interest within technology sectors (e.g. enterprise software, marketplaces, financial services) across logistics use cases.

You will be highly involved in our deal flow, in developing partnerships, and in evaluating all business opportunities based on our existing criteria set. Based on your interests, you would have the opportunity to support our investment process (negotiation of deal terms, financial and commercial due diligence, oversight of legal workflow). You will also work with and help support our portfolio companies.

For at least half of your time, you will be responsible for condensing our research for publication: be it on our website, other text-based communication channels (which include our newsletter, Medium, Twitter, and offline events), and possibly also podcasts. You will continuously monitor feedback on our content and optimize our communication.

We aim to have a very strong, independent and market-leading opinion on logistics startup and technology matters. We also want to open-source most of our findings to the benefit of the logistics startup community.

Last but not least, you will represent Beam at industry events.

• Excellent academic record
• Strong analytical skills and demonstrated intellectual curiosity
• 3+ years experience with exposure to technology, for instance with a start-up, leading tech company, management consultancy or investment bank
• Experience in identifying, analyzing and evaluating innovative business models and potential investment opportunities
• Experience in financial modeling, research, expert interviews, and product testing
• Entrepreneurial experience and professional network in the European tech ecosystem
• Excellent communication skills – also in writing
• An ability to build and maintain good relationships with colleagues, partners and entrepreneurs
• Able to multitask and thrive in a fast paced, high growth environment
• Results-focused, team-oriented and a strong work ethic

• Work with a value- and mission-aligned, very professional team
• Be able to think and act long term: We are part of a family company. We are thus able to build something truly great over many years – and to invest resources to grow ourselves, personally and professionally. There will be a tailored training program
• The results of your work will be highly visible and you will have a lot of exposure. Should you want to move on, you will have tangible results and a large network to count on
• Our compensation is competitive
• For now, we share an office in Berlin Mitte. That will change once we launched our first startup. We will build up a great office space that includes free fruits, drinks and other perks
• Flexible work setup of your choice

Please send us a cover letter via email to [email protected] laying out which skills you bring to Beam. We would also like to know what drives you and why Beam is the best possible step in your personal development. Your CV is important but it’s the cover letter that we would like to discuss.

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