Senior Project Manager (Potential Future COO)

Cerasum i.G. Published: June 13, 2019
Anywhere, Liechtenstein
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Senior Project Manager (Potential Future COO)


The mission is to create a new fashion label from sourcing to setting up operations for design-, production-, and distribution processes.



Sourcing designer to prototype first collection. Goal are 5 unique outfits.

Sourcing fabric and materials supplier.

Leading negations with potential business-partners.



Researching potential production plant locations.

Take on communication and collect initial offers.

Support decision making process.

Manage on-going business relations and communication.



Research and out-source storage locations and delivery operators.

Support implementation and management of e-commerce platform.


Other tasks.

Support process of initiating marketing activities e.g. setting up social-media-suite, research marketing and design agencies. Source expertise in growth-hacking, website-design, e-commerce-service implementation and promotion. Experience in cross-selling products may be a plus.



A personality that thrives to think big and at the same time can thoroughly apply efficient operational processes and management methods. You are comfortable with strategic, levelheaded decision making. You are able to stay engaged while working remotely. You can organize a workday independently and reliably. You show professionalism and preciseness in setting up business relations, handling negotiations and are able to produce tangible deliverables. Expected are well-researched and sustainable results of your work. You do not have to be an expert in each required field, a precisely working generalist with communication talent is very welcome. You are confident and know your stuff. You think ahead and tackle potential obstacles elegantly and independently.



Certain experience with (most of) above tasks. Minimum of 5 years proven track record in the fashion industry. Business English a must. Any other language is a plus. Your education does not matter. References may be obtained.


Creative and social direction.

Brand-theme and market are in stealth-mode.

Overview: A niche-market. Space, stars, spaceships, rockets everything related to outer-space. More information on vision will be provided during first interview. The products will be sourced in most sustainable way possible. We want to be vocal about taking on social-responsibility in the industry.


Further context.

You will be the first hire on this venture. Seed-funding available. Project lead by experienced entrepreneur. Goal: First collection will be ready in 2020. From there on operations, markets and product-range will steadily expand. You will work as contractor. Full-time and long-term engagement preferred.



Flexible work-times. Competitive pay. Location independent. European time zone preferred. Laptop. Financial incentive for gym-membership/ personal hobby. Feel free to suggest events to attend and propose education-efforts to enhance your skill-set. Depending on how your performance and skills develop, the option to take on leading position with personnel responsibility and success-related bonuses. Very casual and friendly work-environment. HQ is located in Liechtenstein. Start date: October/ November 2019, willingness to casually engage before official start date.

Applications will be collected until end of July 2019. Initial online interviews will take place in first week of August (non-disclosure agreement to be signed beforehand). Second step will be a case-study work sample. Final step an in-person interview.



Please send your CV, a rather short but catchy motivational letter, references, any kind of online-representation of your past-work, payment and work condition expectations (required) to: [email protected]

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