Senior Machine Learning (NLP) Engineer

    Creative AI Published: May 15, 2018


    We’re looking for an experienced machine learning engineer to join us as part of our core team. You’ll help taking on some of our most demanding challenges: defining, building, deploying into production, and maintaining advanced AI & ML models. This will help our clients to create relevant, effective and creative content for their social media profiles. You will work closely with the CTO, Product Designer, and platform engineering team.

    - Expert knowledge in machine learning, focusing on natural language processing, content recommendation systems, information retrieval and/or reinforcement learning
    - Familiarity with machine learning libraries (scikit-learn, scipy, numpy, pandas)
    - Experience in deploying machine learning models into production
    - PhD / MSc in Computer Science/Mathematics or in a related field
    - Experience in Python
    - Strong mathematical background
    - The ability to read and understand scientific papers on state-of-the-art machine learning and computer science, as well as the ability to prototype and evaluate the ideas described in these papers
    - Willingness to learn and adapt in a fast moving environment
    - Good communication skills
    - Ability to make independent decisions

    - Postdoc / Lecturing / Advising experience
    - Familiarity with Git and AWS
    - Familiarity with deep learning libraries (Theano, TensorFlow, Caffe or other frameworks)
    - Experience with server-less architecture and event-driven services
    - Experience working in a startup
    - Open source contributor
    - Regular speaker at industry conventions and meetups.

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