Senior Fullstack/Lead Engineer

Oculo Published: February 13, 2021
London, United Kingdom
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Construction industry is the second least digitised in the world

Qualifications, skills, and all relevant experience needed for this role can be found in the full description below.
- and this has a huge impact on efficiency and costs: a typical large project exceeds budget by a whopping 80%, and delivery schedule by 20%.

And with COVID restricting on-site work and visits, enabling remote work is more important than ever to keep the industry running.

[Oculo ]()is on a mission to change this by revolutionising how work is being done on construction projects.

Our solution combines off-the-shelf 360-degree cameras with state of the art computer vision and machine learning to automatically create a virtual 3D model.

This accurate visual history of the project provides a single source of truth, automates laborious documentation, allows for real-time collaboration and enables remote work in what is a traditionally low-tech industry.

We are an experienced team, with backgrounds at Atlassian, Lyft and London Business School, and are already working with some of the largest names in the industry around the world.

We have just recently secured investment from a fantastic group of angel investors, including industry experts as well as technology heavyweights from places such as Amazon, Atlassian, Autodesk and Docker, giving us a long financial runway.

And this is just the start.

We are growing fast, and we need you as part of the core tech team.

As an experienced full-stack engineer, you will take a critical role and lead the development of our web platform, with a potential to grow into a formal leadership position.

The role is all-encompassing, including translating business problems, identifying requirements for security, scaling, operations and compliance, and turning them into working solutions.

You will have direct impact on the product experience of our users, and will be closely involved in understanding and defining solutions to their needs.
*Basic qualifications:
* * At least 5 years of professional experience developing software products
* Fluency with Python, Java or other modern programming languages
* Very good knowledge and understanding of end-to-end cloud based web application development
* Experience with highly scalable distributed architecture
* Experience working with Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure or other public cloud
* Good knowledge of fundamental development tools and processes like GIT, CI/CD, Docker
* Experience with both frontend and backend development
* Understanding of security and compliance
* Experience working with product managers and UX designers
* Preferred qualifications:
* * Experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS)
* Experience dealing with high level of ambiguity
* Experience with Kubernetes
* Experience with cloud cost optimisations
* Experience in a startup environment
* Interest in Computer Vision or Machine Learning or 3D data visualisation
* Competitive salary and Stock options.

We want every one of our employees to feel and act like an owner, and so everyone is offered a share of the company.

Our success is your success.
* Tight-knit, passionate team of kick-ass people making an impact.

You will be closely involved in a wide range of aspects of the company, and will have a big influence on our future.
* Flex time.

We understand each of our lifestyles is unique.

You’re welcome to adjust your start and end time to whatever suits you best, so long as we maintain some core office hours for a handful of coordination meetings when our entire team is online.
* Birthdays off.

It’s your special day and you should celebrate it.
* Mentorship.

Tell us how you’d like to develop, and we‘ll use our network to find you a mentor to pair up with.
* Self-development support.

Annual budget for courses, events and conferences.

And if you’d like any book (provided it’s work related in any way), we’ll just get it for you, no questions asked.

We are committed to helping you grow.
* Contribute to the Community.

Take a day off once a quarter and volunteer for a social cause of your choosing.
* Pledge 1%.

We are proud to be part of the Pledge 1% movement, pledging 1% of staff time and 1% of both founders individual equity at exit to charitable causes.
* Initial call with Tom
* Tech competency interview (2 engineering team members)
* Culture&values interview (both founders) Python, Flask, Angular, AWS, KubernetesPython, Flask, Angular, AWS, Kubernetes, Docker


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