Senior Full Stack Web Developer (Frontend Focus)

Schema Published: August 3, 2018
London, United Kingdom
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The role:

We are looking for a product-centric full stack javascript engineer to lead the frontend development of our React web app and contribute to the backend APIs’ architecturing. The ideal candidate should believe in the value of our vision to create an open knowledge community. Professionally, the candidate should have shipped full-stack web app from idea to production using ReactJS and Redux on the frontend and NodeJS on the backend. The candidate should be intimately familiar with feature development and best programming paradigms like test driven development and module bundling as well as other aspects of programming such as database design, scaling, continuous deployment etc. The candidate should also have a keen sense of design and be competent in common graphic tools. The candidate should understand that at a startup it is important to be versatile and adaptable. Most importantly, the candidate needs to have an empathy for end users’ experience and a pursuit of excellence. In short, we are looking for an A-class engineer with the skills and mindset to join us in building the best software in the category.


The responsibilities:

The role will be the primary owner and developer of our web app. You will be responsible for the frontend architecture of a new iteration of the product and will be leading its future development effort. You'll be the point person and responsible for coordinating development tasks with other engineers on the project. You will be working closely with the co-founder to iterate the product and add new features based on user feedback with speed and reliability in mind. You will be expected to ship features from conception to production but you will get a lot of freedom in the execution. As we grow, you will also be developing the application as an offline version as well as on other platforms using technologies such as React Native. We also expect you to have the flexibility to jump across the stack to pitch in where needed on our backend development or elsewhere.



  • 3 years of professional full-stack web development experience
  • 1 year of production experience using React and Redux (or other mainstream frontend frameworks) and other modern toolchains
  • Experience building and architecturing complex single page application
  • Experience building REST APIs and good understanding of HTTP
  • Experience with Javascript type system (Typescript)
  • Experience with the best programming practices
  • Good understanding of the importance of maintainability and code quality
  • Strong design and UX sensibilities
  • Knowledge of some Javascript testing framework
  • Based in London
  • Bonus: Experience with Firebase, Google Cloud services, Amazon Web Service App Sync and mobile stack



  • Emphasise with users
  • Design first approach
  • Aspire to be the best
  • Be authentic
  • Be kind to people
  • Move fast and be self-driven
  • Assume best intentions
  • Support a balanced life


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