Senior Data Analyst/Scientist

FindHotel Published: July 14, 2017


As a Senior Data Analyst/Scientist in the User Acquisition squad at FindHotel you will use the data of millions of visitors and thousands of marketing campaigns to grow the size & quality of our traffic exponentially. We are looking for a data expert with strong technical & statistical skills as well as a commercial mindset. It's a great opportunity for a ambitious & motivated analyst/scientist to transform their career in a fast growing & data-driven mature startup.

What you'll tell your friends about your job

"I can predict which hotel you will book for your next holiday"

What you will actually be doing

  • Analyse complex online marketing & user behavior data using statistical methods
  • Build machine learning models to optimize performance marketing: customer value, competition, pricing etc.
  • Automate analytical processes around user acquisition
  • Work with marketers to understand & support them with data analytics
  • Collaborate with data engineering in the implementation of the data science models you've built

What a day in the office might look like

In the daily growth squad stand-up the marketers mention that our visitors have preference for hotels with certain features (e.g. free Wifi, on-site parking). However, data is sparse and the marketers don't know whether these findings are reliable. You decide to take a closer look and start the morning by getting a relevant historical data-set from our data warehouse, cleaning it, and preparing it for exploration with your favorite tools.  After the data exploration you end up with a list of data manipulation and modelling approaches that, you think, could lead to improvements in our campaigns, so you will dedicate some time to validate and optimize your hypotheses in the next few days. After our catered lunch and some competitive table tennis you spend the rest of your afternoon continuing on your main project of competitive bidding, where you are building a model to optimize our bids by taking into account competitive signals from the market and our competitors.

The Team

You'll be working within the User Acquisition squad which is made up of marketers, developers, a PO as well as other data analyst & scientists. You will also collaborate with data engineers and data analysts & scientists from other teams.

Why join now?

  • We are looking to grow traffic from 2M monthly visitors to +10M within the year. Doing that in a market as mature and competitive as online accommodation means that we need to be truly innovative. If you have a great idea nobody will stop you from giving it a try!
  • We have just built a tool that allows us to scale our Search Marketing Campaigns to a completely new level. This means massive datasets and unique challenges in terms of data, engineering and automation.
  • We have completely re-built the internals of our product and set the foundations to transform FindHotel from a search product into a recommendation system. This transition will obviously be driven by data and will open up new and exciting marketing channels.
  • We are a profitable company that grew from 20 to 40 team members in the past year, with a strong user-acquisition engine and a lot of room to grow. It's an exciting journey in a company that's driven by data.
  • We have formed a solid team of data analysts, scientists & engineers and we are looking to grow the team considerably in the near future. You will have the chance to grow with us.


People we love

  • You have professional experience building models that produce commercial results
  • You are curious, not afraid to make mistakes and willing to question the status quo
  • You love coding (preferably in Python) to make your ideas become real.
  • You are very good with SQL and working with large&complex data sets.
  • You have sound statistical knowledge. (experience with Bayesian modeling techniques is a plus)
  • You have worked with BI tools like Qlikview, Looker or Tableau
  • You are interested in and willing to learn about online marketing and travel.
  • You are pragmatic & don't fall into perfectionist traps.
  • You are motivated and driven to take responsibility and succeed in a start-up environment.

What we offer:

  • The opportunity to work in a diverse international team in a fast growing start-up environment
  • An agile environment where communication and initiative are valued and cherished
  • No nonsense! We’re proud of our flat hierarchy and short democratic decision paths
  • A fun work environment that includes a delicious lunch, fruits & snacks, beer tap, ping pong and foosball
  • Competitive compensation package including bonuses and Stock Appreciation Rights
  • Flexible time off vacation policy
  • Many chances to develop yourself, including access to courses and conferences
  • Great new spacious and light-filled office located in central Amsterdam