Senior Backend Developer

Miuros Published: May 11, 2018
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Miuros is a fast-growing startup on a mission to make Customer Service smarter and faster for everyone, leveraging on domain expertise and Artificial Intelligence.

We are looking for a Senior Backend Developer that supports the company’s growth and helps it get to the next level.

Sounds good. So what will I be working on?

  • Introduce innovations (from monitoring systems and message queues to new frameworks) to improve reliability and performance
  • Develop new API-based integrations to connect Miuros to innovative Customer Service/Management platforms
  • Feed the data scientists with data, abstracting away some of its complexity
  • Maintain and extend a relational database that serves our frontend
  • Implement dev ops to make all dev lives easier (including yours)
  • Scale our architecture as the company grows, optimizing performance and resource consumption

What are you expecting from me?

  • You are passionate about object-oriented programming and writing code that is easy to (1) understand, (2) maintain/extend, (3) test, (4) re-use
  • You are passionate about finding simple solutions to complex problems, with one eye on your weekly goals and the other on long-term benefits
  • You are a driver. You can work with limited supervision, but you are also happy to brainstorm on technical solutions with the dev team, be receptive to feedback, and coach more junior profiles
  • You can work from our offices in Paris or Lyon, or remotely anywhere in Europe. You are experienced with working in a remote team setup
  • You love Agile and can help transition to more structured processes as the dev team grows
  • You are fluent in English, you can communicate what you have in mind effortlessly and can write documentation
  • You are very competitive at chess and table tennis (joking — if you can beat everyone in the team, we wouldn’t like it)

Okay, but what technologies should I be really good at?

  • Java (5+ years)
    -- Design patterns (you can write an iterator or a singleton blindly)
    -- API clients (you eat Json and HTTPS for breakfast)
    -- Logging (you love logging libraries and hate System.out.println)
    -- Unit testing (you are happy only when you see a full green bar)
    -- Profiling (you don’t panic for an OutOfMemoryError)
    -- External libraries (you don’t like to reinvent the wheel)
  • Relational databases (5+ years)
    -- Postgres (preferred), MySQL, Oracle
    -- Data modelling (you understand the pros and cons of normalizing data)
    -- Query optimization (you can read a query plan and act on it)
    -- Performance and administration (you know when to vacuum, partition, precompute data and create tablespaces)
  • Sys admin (3+ years)
    -- Familiarity with tmux, vim, crontab, top, grep and other standard tools
    -- Unix scripting (after doing the same thing 5 times, you know it’s time to automate, and you can do it quickly)
    -- Scalability (you can scale a single-machine env into a distributed system)
    -- Keep the machines secure (library updates, firewalls, access control, etc)
    -- Inspect logs for quick troubleshooting
  • Dev ops (3+ years)
    -- Git (you pull, branch, merge like a ninja, and adopt workflows like GitFlow)
    -- Building and deploying (you can set up Continuous Integration)

Is that it? Anything else?

Since you asked, it would be a plus if you also had some experience in some of these areas

  • Managing an AWS infrastructure
  • Scripting in Python
  • Working with MongoDB or other NoSQL databases
  • Working with Elasticsearch
  • Front-end dev (Javascript, CSS, Angular.js, React, etc)

Can I share something more about me?

Yes, you should!

  • LinkedIn profile
  • StackOverflow profile
  • GitHub profile
  • A brief description of an exciting project you have been working on, whether it was for a company, an open-source library, or pure fun.

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