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3bookexpert Published: February 26, 2019
Osnabrück, Germany
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The “3 Book Rule” made famous by Tim Ferris says, that you (simplified) need to read 3 books on a specific topic to be considered an expert and have better knowledge than 95% of the rest of the population on that given topic.

We are a newly found, completely remote working startup from Germany who transfers this philosophy to the necessary skills needed in almost any company. We deliver a new skill and/or expertise every week to our clients employees for the following three professions: 1. Digital Marketing, 2. Sales and 3. Leadership & Personal Development.


What we are looking for?

This is an intro role for passionate young professionals. No former training or experience needed. All that is necessary is the will to learn, grow and conquer all challenges.


Job description?

This is a remote sales role. Means, we expect you to close sales. What you use for that, where you do it and how you do it can be defined by yourself.

Besides that you need to read books. Yes, that is part of the job description. If you don’t like reading please do not apply 😉

You should be able to write and converse in English (must) and German (nice to have).


Why us?

We think everybody wants to have three things in his business career:

  1. Keep on learning and developing
  2. Having enough time for life and family
    and - of course -
  3. Get paid well

We decided to focus our company on those three things and throw out everything else.

We have no fancy office, expensive equipment or over the top team building adventures. Besides the minimum needed infrastructure every money made will be paid to our employees.

We don’t have office hours or a fixed number of hours you must work every week. But we do have unlimited vacation days and an endless stream of books and internal trainings coming your way.


This is a provision based role. You get 50% of every sale you close. Not only once, but for every month this customer stays subscribed to our service. This means you start at zero and built your own recurring revenue stream. No limits. How much you earn is completely up to your own ambition.


We’d love you to apply with a quick mail ([email protected]) why do you think you would be a good fit and how to contact you. No CV or references needed.

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