Sales Manager

Bitmain Technology Published: July 19, 2018
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Job Description:

1, through the platform, or online chat tool to communicate with users, introduce products, solve customer consultation;
2, be positive to contact customers for the unpaid orders, collect customer demand, promote the order finished, improving customer service experience
3, answer the customer about the order status, the delivery problem
4, cooperate with logistics department urged customer package of customs clearance and confirm receipt
5, handling of the customer complaints in time, improving customer satisfaction
 6, Translating products and related information, involve description and selling point, optimizing and improving iton the basis of existing brochure。
7, participate in product pricing strategy adjustment and launch operational issues and put forward reasonable Suggestions;
8, summarize each product sales, reporting to the supervisor.
9, website BBS management maintenance
10 to arrange other work, assist leader.

responsibility Qualifications

1, bachelor degree or above
2, proficient in MS office software and PS drawing software
3, good English and Norwegain communication skills
4, good social skills, to perform effective collaboration with different teams
5, good sense of service and attention to detail

6, team cooperation spirit, can apply to a variety of tasks, can cooperate with the team to complete the task well
7, able to work under high strength and customer inquiries, properly handle customer relationships.


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