Ruby Back-End Developer

Geckoboard Published: August 2, 2017


Who we are

Thousands of businesses use Geckoboard to build TV Dashboards that help drive growth and focus teams, by taking the complexity out of connecting their data and understanding it at a glance. Some of our customers include Airbnb, Slack, Netflix and Skyscanner.

We have a lot of interesting, creative work ahead and are looking for curious problem solvers who can make our customers’ lives easier. You'll be joining a friendly team with great people in an environment with empowered developers, flexible working conditions, and a focus on skill development.

The Role

We’re looking for a full-time Ruby Developer to work on our back-end microservices. Geckoboard's view layer is handled by client-side JavaScript, so all our Ruby apps are APIs. Our microservice architecture has evolved over the years and we're looking for a pragmatic Rubyist who will apply best practices to the system as a whole.

The role involves both greenfield work to develop new features, as well as the ability to rethink and re-architect our existing systems. As our understanding of micro-services has changed over time, we've discovered patterns and practices for building scalable and resilient services, so even if you've not worked with micro-services before, you'll be able to hit the ground running.

Though we don't use Rails ourselves, experience with writing and maintaining a complex Rails application is very relevant to this role. If you've used other Ruby frameworks or libraries (Sinatra, Lotus, etc), that's great too.

More than anything, we value candidates who are excited about picking up new skills and sharing what they’ve learned with the rest of the team. We love people with a keen attention to detail and the willingness to apply it in shaping all aspects of our product.

Life at Geckoboard

We’re constantly striving to ensure that we offer the most encouraging, supportive and efficient environment possible. We want everyone on the team to be empowered to influence our architectural decisions. The whole team is involved in prioritising and evaluating our work and we regularly program in pairs to share knowledge, promote collaboration, and improve our code quality.

And when it comes to  work-life balance, we don’t just pay lip-service. At Geckoboard we actively and strongly encourage it through flexible working hours, a generous annual leave entitlement and the ability to regularly work from home, so you can work in a way that fits you and your family.

We also actively contribute to personal and professional development and have a minimum budget allowance to be spent on courses, conferences, and books. We also run fortnightly "Innovation Wednesdays", where everyone has complete freedom to work on anything that interests them, from contributing to open source, to learning a new skill, or improving our internal tools and processes.

Here are some examples of our Innovation Wednesday projects:

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