Rockstar Technical Cofounder

Wayste Published: May 19, 2019
Zurich, Switzerland
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>>About our startup<<

Our vision is to be the most customer-centric company in the solar system. Everything we do, we believe in making a difference. We believe anyone can change the world, one little action at a time. The way we make a difference is by making products that have an important, positive impact on the world, are beautifully designed and easy to use. We have set out to offer our customers the healthiest products with the lowest possible environmental impact, and the utmost convenience. We deliver food & personal care products in bulk to consumers that want to reduce their ecological footprint. Environmentally conscious consumers, like ‘zero wasters’, spend up to 3h / week grocery shopping due to a lack of adequate shops i.e. ‘bulk’ stores. We offer bulk products on one platform and deliver them to consumers’ homes twice per month in reusable packaging, reducing their shopping time by 90%.

>>About our values<<

We believe in the power of giving back and giving forward. We believe that if you have been born into a privileged environment, it is your duty to give something back / forward by doing good. In the environment of a company we strongly believe that the team comes first, and the customer second. We are strong believers in long term rather than short term thinking, and that quality always beats quantity (although to get to quality, you obviously need to iterate a lot).

>>About our team<<

Our team currently consists of two co-founders. As in every startup, everyone wears a lot of different hats, so assigning titles is not helpful at this point. We believe it is more helpful for you to know who we are, and what better way to show you than by sharing our social profiles (Daniel, Michel). What is not broadly shared online is that we both left our six figure salaries behind to work on our startup and live off our savings. We have done so for the past nine months, and have come to a point where growing the team makes sense.

>>About our traction<<

We have focused a lot on customer development for the first few months in order to understand the problem and customers that we want to serve. We have done over 100 interviews of 30 - 60 min each and have identified a community of early adopters for our vision. In the first week after launching our MVP we have had 10 orders of averagely 40 CHF. One month later we are at 30 orders and still working on improving traction channels as well as conversions.

>>About the job<<

>Expected results<

In order to be successful in your role as a technical cofounder, you will need to:

  • Build our first software products (web store, mobile apps)
  • Grow and manage a team of software and hardware (IoT) developers
  • Establish standards, tools, and engineering processes
  • Develop an IP strategy
  • Required attitude
  • You are willing to get your hands dirty
  • You focus on the customer
  • You put in the work that’s needed
  • You understand your limitations and know your weaknesses
  • You are always curious and want to learn more
  • You are persistent and don’t stop until you reach your goals
  • You are passionate about what you do
  • You are adaptable and feel comfortable in new situations

>Required skills<

  • A knowledge of existing and emerging technologies
  • Proven project management skills
  • An ability to meet deadlines
  • An ability to keep things organized
  • A strong expertise in a specific development language relevant to our project
  • Required experience
  • Prior experience in startups or working on your own projects
  • A background in software development
  • A past record of building things (also counts if it was just for the fun of it)
  • An understanding of the intersection of business and technology decisions

If you’re interested in this job, start your application with exactly this sentence: ‘Hey Daniel, I’m the Rockstar Technical Cofounder you are looking for.’ We will come back to you within two weeks to discuss further steps. Please consider carefully if you are willing to commit a big part of your life to this mission. We really believe in changing the world, and need you to believe it too.

>>Perks and compensation<<

  • Remote work (be ready to travel)
  • Equity
  • Free books

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