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FindHotel Published: March 2, 2017


As a Senior Ruby Developer at FindHotel, you will help to develop and improve our high-performance website FindHotel, scaling up web traffic from 2M+ visitors to 10M by the end of the year.


What you tell your friends you do

"I am a great Ruby developer who can make code run safely yet fast as lightning!"


What you will really be doing

  • Building a high-performance website, helping scale up web traffic from 2M+ visitors to 10M by the end of the year;
  • Developing our own APIs and deploy them as independent services;
  • Integrating our product with internal tools and APIs (e.g. event tracking, A/B testing) built either by us or other squads at FindHotel;
  • Building the right suite of monitoring and alerting system, in order to have both the helicopter view and the magnifying glass at hand whenever needed;
  • Improving the code base, architecture, infrastructure, and overall quality of our product, in order to deliver a great experience to each and every one of our users.


How will you be doing this?

  • You are an experienced Ruby developer in a diverse team of talented experts, and you enjoy working on a product delivering quality code while meeting ambitious deadlines;
  • You choose the right tools for whatever job will be thrown at you. We're always open to re-evaluating choices that were made in the past: there is always a budget for good ideas;
  • You understand speed is a feature: you love benchmarking and experimenting with different technologies to figure out new ways of improving your code over time.


What we worked on last quarter

  • Laying the groundwork for a modern adaptive web application, based on React and Redux frontend which communicates with a decoupled Ruby On Rails backend.
  • We built a scalable infrastructure in the cloud, based on AWS, Docker, and Continuous Deployment, that serves on average 11M+ requests per day.


What a day in the office might look like

In the morning, after the daily stand-up, you pair program with a fellow developer to improve the performance of an API call which is not as fast as it could be. After lunch, you provide some feedback on the quality of a couple PRs from your teammates. Then you implement a new feature from the backlog or tackle an annoying technical debt issue that you've been keeping an eye on for a while.


The team

You will be working in the Product Squad with co-developers Luca & Fernando (Backend), Jop, Suzana & Ali (Frontend). Katia (UX designer) will help us shape the product, transforming the input from Omer & Orhan (Data Analysts) into beautiful and usable designs. Sam (Product Owner) will prioritize the roadmap and a QA Engineer will make sure we deliver high-quality software to our users.


Why join now?

  • We have successfully built the foundation of a great product, which will evolve in time and compete with the big players of the travel industry. By joining the team now, you will have the chance to have a strong impact on how we grow our tech stacks and the way approach work.
  • We are looking to grow traffic from 2M monthly visitors to 10M+ by the end of 2017. This is the perfect time to become part of the team working on the core behind our product, tackling exciting challenges around scalability and performance.
  • We are a company that is growing fast, hiring talent across many different areas of expertise (development, data science, data analysis, marketing, UX). Each team collaborates with the others on a lot of different tasks, making every day the day when you learn something new.
  • You will have fun writing code for existing and new applications, integrating them with internal and external systems, with room to explore new technologies and architectures!


What we're looking for

  • 7+ years of professional experience in web development, of which at least 3+ years with Ruby.
  • A strong background in backend development and good understanding of the web development life cycle
  • Experience with development and integration of REST APIs, including testing and deployment
  • Great understanding of performance optimization techniques
  • Previous experience working remotely
  • Bonus points if you have a DevOps attitude and experience working with with Docker and AWS
  • Bonus points if you are proficient with other programming languages (e.g. Go/Elixir/Python)


What we offer

  • The opportunity to work in a diverse international team within a profitable company with a startup mindset
  • An agile environment where communication and initiative is valued and cherished
  • Many chances to develop yourself, including access to courses and conferences
  • No nonsense! We’re proud of our flat hierarchy and short, democratic decision paths
  • A remote position with occasional travel to the office in Amsterdam


Sound like somewhere you'd thrive? We'd love to hear from you. Please send us your resume and a short paragraph introducing yourself and why you'd like to be a part of our team!

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