Product Manager

Kisi Inc. Published: May 6, 2019
Stockholm, Sweden
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Access every thing. Kisi builds mobile access systems that enable businesses to access, share and monitor their physical spaces. We envision a world where access is fully digitized, easy to manage, and not constrained by keys, cards, fobs or transponders. We offer state-of-the-art apps that make sharing as convenient as entering an email address.

As a Product Manager at Kisi, you will be responsible for bringing high-growth product value to our customers around the world, ensuring an impeccable user experience in an old-fashioned security industry ripe for major disruption. Based on meticulous attention to the big picture and its many details, you’ll lead a highly performant team to deliver strong results based on clear goals and a sense for business value.

You’ll be more than just a leader; you’ll be a mentor and the glue both inside and outside the team. People want to work with you because they feel empowered, where everyone’s pulling together and being passionate about what they do.


  • Embrace Kisi's vision and roadmap to understand where we're going and most importantly why and how vision and business align.
  • Research and understand our addressable markets, segments and customer needs, teaming up with marketing, sales and support to make informed product decisions.
  • Continuously gather feedback from clients and users (if necessary on site), collect insights from internal customer-facing teams and review analytics and key metrics to triage tasks and establish a clear set of priorities.
  • Explicate and diffuse knowledge and insights among teams across the organization to establish common ground and align your teams with internal and external feedback.
  • Structure your and your team’s workload based on an informed and frequently revised set of priorities, on an assessment of criticality, effort and dependencies, on market push and critically, on a fundamental understanding of Kisi’s product portfolio.
  • Track the big and the small picture, from roadmap to sprint objectives at various levels of granularity and track progress, send progress updates to stakeholders and keep KPIs up to date.
  • Manage your team (design, engineering, quality assurance) from conception to release for new products and features, from specification to design to implementation using appropriate methodologies and tools based on sprints that have clear objectives and meaningful KPIs.
  • Follow a less is more approach, launching minor product increments and validating assumptions quantitatively before next steps, liaising with management and presenting your case including suggestions for further actions.
  • Improve processes, methodologies and established approaches anywhere you see room for meaningful improvements by channeling the feedback loop back into the company.
  • Be a true leader that builds a strong culture in- and outside the team, enabling team members to perform at their best, promoting a sense of autonomy and mastery at the highest possible standards.

Job Requirements

  • You own: as a leader, you own the process, the results and everything else. You think big and long-term in terms of the company vision and taking it there, step by step. You’re never too proud to do what’s necessary. And you deliver results.
  • You trust the customer: understanding the customer is key to building great products. Pay attention to competitors, but obsess over customers.
  • You never stop questioning what you’re doing. You constantly re-evaluate processes, approaches, priorities, always trying to find better and simpler ways to achieve better results.
  • You are often right. Since people look to you for answers, you need to have strong judgment and a high level of intuition. And when you don’t know or you’re wrong, you’re doing anything you can to catch up and venture beyond.
  • You’re a good judge of character, building exceptionally strong teams that accomplish goals as one coherent unit. People trust you because you listen and treat others with respect. You admit when you’re wrong, and explain how such learnings can make everyone better.
  • Enough is never enough. Many may find your standards unreasonable, but that’s where you want to go. You constantly push yourself to even higher levels.
  • You’re a doer and a thinker. But more of a doer than a thinker, because doing means you can learn and do even better.
  • You’re extremely well-organized. You don’t miss a thing, and you can juggle the many streams of information flowing towards you, for you to analyze and synthesize.

Why Kisi?

  • We love our product, and want you to share our passion for taking access control, a $65 billion dollar industry, into the 21st century
  • You’ll have a lot of freedom, and a lot of responsibility – do it well and you’ll be the one launching products that sky-rocket the market
  • Become part of a growing, tight-knit, and international team in an exciting B2B environment
  • We’re fun to work with and a little geeky—our offices are located in Brooklyn, Stockholm, and we have remote workers around the world