Product Designer

Trouva Published: August 25, 2017



Trouva unites 250 of the UK’s best independent boutiques with hundreds of thousands of people across the world who are looking for their next unique find. There are thousands of small independent boutiques spread out there in the physical world with beautiful product selections. Being able to discover and purchase these products is notoriously difficult. As TechCrunch put it we help store owners focus on what they do best; having beautiful offline experiences and selecting the right products for their customer base.

We’ve been around for about 20 months and have already been named one of the 5 fastest growing startups in the UK. Our goal is simple: To provide independent boutiques with the technology they need to thrive online and connect them with a community of people who desire beautiful products while doing so.

Our technology platform enables small business owners handle everything from inventory management to customer support & logistics. We provide customers with access to inventory that was not available before and create a seamless shopping experience when buying from independent boutiques.

As Product Designer you will work with our team, our boutique community and our customers to create beautiful online experiences. The challenge is diverse: you’ll have the opportunity to work on inventory management, order processing, internal communication tools, but also, and maybe most importantly, on creating an alternative shopping experience for the Trouva customer.


You have a strong portfolio demonstrating a variety of work on web & mobile projects. Show us your understanding of interaction design, UX & UI principles and demonstrate how you have solved problems in the past.

You view the design process as a learning experience and you’re eager to dig deeper; understanding the root cause is your objective. You feel empowered to understand, question and iterate over what currently exists.

You’re able to jump straight into code if needed, HTML/CSS maybe even a bit of Javascript. Sometimes it’s just easier to prove a concept by code, other times you’re comfortable with prototyping or visualising your thoughts in Sketch (or similar software).

You’ve worked in a team with other engineers before and understand the basic principles of Git.

You’ve at least tinkered around with JQuery and/or some popular front-end frameworks out there (Ember.js, React or Angular). You understand that a Javascript is an enabler that frees up your creativity and you’re either interested in learning more or have already got proven experience utilising it.


We believe in communicating effectively, thoroughly, empathetically and openly. We involve other people in what we’re doing early on to ensure we’re moving in the right direction and get feedback on our plans.

We want to be supported by the whole team, but ultimately be empowered to drive solutions as individuals. To gain this level of trust, we need to be confident that we gather the right requirements, we test to prove what we’ve built works and we test to ensure the result is robust. Furthermore, we document because we respect our future selves and team members.

We are open and transparent in the way we work. We expose our ideas and solutions early and follow the mantra that good is better than perfect. We invite others to challenge our ideas and help us achieve the best we can. This allows us be confident we deliver what is expected in the timeline we have proposed.

We’re one of the fastest growing companies in the world and we have wild ambitions. We thrive by delivering quality, impactful products at a fast pace, while improving how we work as a team.

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