Principal – Venture Capital

daphni Published: August 6, 2017
Job Type


General mission: sourcing, due diligence, deal making and follow-on with portfolio companies


  1. sourcing early stage startups across Europe (hunting)
  2. managing dealfow and involving our community of investors (“daphnipolitans”) to source and analyze the opportunities
  3. making market analyses and due diligence on tech startup (autonomously)
  4. deal structuring and terms negociation
  5. deal making (documentations compliant with the internal procedures)
  6. following on with portfolio companies (board membership, recurring advice, matchmaking with the daphnipolitans, help for the recruitments of talents, reporting, etc.)
  7. taking part of the valuation and reporting about the portfolio companies
  8. building relationship with tech influencers (founders, business angels, accelerators, journalists, etc.)
  9. contributing to our media, daphni chronicles and realizing market study
  10. participating to public events

Environnement & relationship with the management company:


  • Startup experience. Investment is a plus. (At least 6 years of experience)
  • Tech background
  • Connected to at least one tech hub in Europe (especially Berlin, Stockholm, Madrid, London, Malmö/Copenhagen, Amsterdam)
  • Multi-cultural background. Bonus: not French.
  • Mutant (like to innovate, think differently)
  • Fluent in English. Bonus: fluency in French and/or other language.

Traits & qualities:

  • Analytical qualities. Strategic thinker.
  • Good interpersonal skills. Good capacity to convince.
  • Team worker. Desire to help others. Sense of care. No ego-doer.
  • Tech savvy. Good knowledge about the tech ecosystem.
  • Polyvalent and proactive, have a liking for operations. Take risks.
  • Organized and rigorous. High autonomy.
  • Ability to embrace chaos and a fast moving environment
  • Sense of detail. Love of good design. Look for fairness.
  • A sensitive “uh-oh feeling” and willingness/experience to trust it. Humility.
  • Assertiveness. Daring to stand out.



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