PHP Framework Web Dev Internship at RiteKit

This job posting expired and applications are no longer accepted.
RiteKit Published: November 8, 2017


Apply through Angellist, here.

All RiteKit internships are UNPAID.
If you are not considering internships without salary or stipend, etc., this is not for you.

"Hashtags! Yay!"

No!!! That's not what we're about.

We began with total social media optimization: images, CTAs and yes, machine learning powered auto-hashtagging, too. We build and market data-driven social media engagement SaaS products. Long-term: automating needless nuisance tasks out of business people's workflows. (See our APIs for examples.)

For those who need to get sales, sign-ups, or other specific goals met from what they share to Facebook, Twitter and beyond, RiteForge automates image creation and extraction, adds a call-to-action (something like an "advert," you might say) to pages shared socially, and uses text analysis and machine learning to aid with hashtags as well.
Please spend one minute to get a quick understanding of all four of our tools:

You would work remotely with the lead programmer and CTO. We have our engineering office in Prague, Czech Republic as well as distributed staff working from home/school in many countries.

• Must write clean, re-usable code (We will test you in a non-evil manner.)
• 3 months commitment X 20 hours/week
• Internship is UNPAID. No salary, no stipend, etc. Can lead to a salaried part- time or fulltime position with us, depending on your work and your availability.
- If accepted for the internship, you will need PHP STORM IDE (we all use this; we need you to have it yourself, if accepted for the internship)
- php framework experience (we use the Nette framework, but experience with Laravel, Yii, Codeigniter, or Zend, etc. would be fine)
- Fluency with php, javascript, mysql, jquery, node.js preferred
- Must be a self-starter with demonstrated interest (test the RiteForge browser extension before applying, please) in what we have done over the last 5+ years and interest in being part of our move to improve effectiveness of various aspects of a social media post (hashtag length, position, no. of hashtags, languages, sentiment, update length, mentions, link attributes, etc.).

Do ask what our former interns went on to do immediately following their RiteKit internship when you have your first interview. First, see the top post and other articles in in which former RiteKit interns share what they got from the experience, in learning, career-boosts, etc.

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN if you excel at your first tasks when you work with us:
Conceiving and building data-backed recommendation functions, some using machine learning as well.
Doing backflips with social network APIs.
Learning to lead: if you are fast and good we will ask you to help others first, move into a leadership position very soon. Ask for specific people examples in your first interview - what they did to earn this, and the outcomes for them, both with us and in other companies.

Note that this is an unpaid internship - welcome to ask about what we can offer in lieu of payment. We can provide documentation to support official university internships, but school costs are borne by the intern. Interns are also welcome to work for experience, potential future paying RiteKit opportunities, and career-making recommendations.