Operations Associate

Hack Partners Limited Published: August 2, 2017


Operations Associate for Hack Partners (£25,000 - £28,000 per annum)

Hack Partners are leading technology driven improvements in the UK, starting with the transport industry. We deliver breakthrough level innovation to transport operators, infrastructure owners, and government via hackathons, consulting and technology solutions.

We’re leading this effort through our flagship movement, the HackTrain by running fast paced technology trials, providing management consultancy services and delivering hackathons. The HackTrain has become well recognised for being an incredibly powerful medium for solving the industry's biggest challenges improving operational efficiency and customer experience. The movement is supported by the Department for Transport, government ministers and the UK’s biggest train operating companies. Once we perfect our processes for innovation we will expand to other industries.

We are increasingly becoming the top choice within the transport industry for breakthrough level innovation. In order to scale and make an impact we need a world-class team to help us make a difference in this fast-growing but slow moving industry.

We have an established client base including: 8 out of the 9 biggest transport operators in the UK, the Department for Transport, Trainline and several other leading industry players.

Together we can drive massive change within the transport industry that will see it becoming more efficient and pleasant to use for everyone. Your role will be to  build on business opportunities that you and the rest of the Hack Partners’ team find.  Opportunities include some of the following:

  • Build strong and effective relationships with technology and transport companies;
  • Be at the forefront of a transport revolution which you lead through technology implementation;
  • Impacting an entire industry through innovation based on the relationships and partnerships you build;

Are you the one who can forever change the transport industry?

You will be at the heart of a truly unique movement that will have a massive impact within the UK economy. Here are some examples of what you will be doing:

  • Assisting and possibly leading in the execution of operational plans for delivering our events, accelerator and consultancy services;
  • Assisting the Head of Operations with the day-to-day bookkeeping and financial reports;
  • Assist the Head of Operations with any office management matters
  • Managing the company’s email account;
  • Assisting the Head of Operations in setting up internal structures and processes i.e. file management system, peer feedback reviews;
  • Processing the team’s monthly expenses;
  • Recording meeting minutes for internal meetings;
  • Proofreading company documents for external use;
  • Ensuring the team has the resources it needs to perform in a comfortable manner;
  • Sourcing new suppliers and Hackathon candidates for our events, accelerator and consultancy services;
  • Manage the logistics for corporate events;

Skills and experience desired:


  • Experience in a startup, early-stage investment or technology context;
  • Experience in an operation-heavy role;
  • Strong understanding of and passion for technology and early stage companies;
  • Extremely competent with google mail, sheets, docs, slides and drive;
  • Well-versed in managing different people and stakeholders in different quantities; i.e. 10 stakeholders vs 30 stakeholders;
  • Ability to adapt and make evidenced based decisions;
  • Good attention to detail; we want someone who enjoys making things great!
  • Self-starter; we want someone who can come up with great ideas and execute them without much input!


  • Passionate about innovation and the transport industry;
  • Familiar with Asana, Slack, Xero;
  • Knowledge of how to use Google Drive for Business services;

What do you get?

  • The opportunity to fundamentally change and improve the transport industry;
  • The opportunity to engage with and work alongside our young innovators, key stakeholders in the transport industry and railtech startups;
  • Quarterly bonuses based on results and overall company performance;
  • Beers after 4:30pm at our beautiful WeWork office!
  • Access to all talks and events arranged by WeWork;
  • Weekly Friday surprise;

About Hack Partners Culture

Passion & Flexibility

  • We match personal and professional aspirations where possible in a flexible structure for optimal growth

Energy & Expectations

  • We exceed expectations by inspiring, entertaining and being brave; breaking the glass ceiling with never-ending amounts of energy and courage.

Team, Mindfulness & Family

  • We are efficient and resourceful while mindful and caring of each other and everyone around us. We also take pride in our achievements.

Honesty, Transparency & Trust

  • We strive for transparency where possible in every aspect of the business.


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