Online Marketing Internship (German Speaker)

ProntoPro Published: September 22, 2017
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Locality: Milan, Italy

AboutUs is Italy’s largest local-service marketplace. In March 2015 we started out with 2 people and one mission: revolutionizing the local services marketplace in Italy. Since our foundation things went extremely well and we experienced rapid growth: Two years later we are more than 90 people in our Milan office and are outperforming our Italian competitors.

Now we are expanding our business into Austria and Switzerland and we are looking for brilliant people helping us dominate in those markets as well.

We are starting out at zero and want to develop a product used by millions in - can an internship working on such a project be more exciting? We thought so.

And we haven’t even told you about our working conditions yet:

  • Average age in our office is 27
  • Our Office: 5 minutes from Stazione Centrale in Milan, all open space with a football table and Friday beers
  • We minimize bureaucracy - everyone in the company has great responsibilities from the get go and directly impacts our success
  • The problems we face are hard. You will not have an easy job - we pour our hearts into it



  • You ache to work for a startup. You understand that startups grow and become huge, or fail and die. This does not scare you - you find it exciting;
  • You are itching for real responsibility - to be in a position where you can really make or break the company;
  • You want to build something huge that will change the way all your friends and family look for services;
  • You hate bureaucracy and the slowness of big corporations. You experienced it and are depressed at the thought of working there again;
  • You don't like symbols of power. You want to work in a small team, all under 35, in an open-space startup-like environment without corner offices or fancy furniture;
  • You figure things out. You do not expect nor need hand-holding;
  • You have the startup all-hands-on-deck I'll-make-it-happen-no-matter-what approach!


Your job

You will do everything. You will support the Operations Team in ensuring that our service works. You will ensure that demand and supply match, that customer satisfaction is high, that service level requirements are met. You will be solving problems that have never been solved before, so no one will be able to teach you; you will think, try, fail, repeat, and win.

Your job will transform several times. Initially you will be taking over simple tasks as a way to learn the ins and outs of; but quickly you will be expected to go beyond, look and what can be improved and bring your unique contribution to ProntoPro. We are looking for entrepreneurs who take real ownership, not people who are waiting for someone to tell them what to do.

Your future

If there is mutual desire to do so, the internship can transform into full-time employment. If we both wish to continue but you still need to graduate, we can find flexible solutions (part-time, or simply wait until graduation). There's so much to do, that every new hire is a win for the company.


Does it sound interesting to you? Just apply and you might be soon a part of a great team!


Languages: German fluency is required.

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