Startup Heatmap Europe Published: November 16, 2016



    Check out our latest volunteer positions (3h/week for 6 months):

    - Marketing experts to support our Head of Growth
    - Data science / visualization geeks to support our product development
    - Networking experts to help grow our partnership network

    if interested please write to: info@europeanstartupinitiative.eu
    (abbiamo HQ a Trento!)

    The Startup Heatmap Europe is a project of the european startup initiative (http://www.startupheatmap.eu) - a European wide network of volunteers who believe in the potential of the European startup system.

    Inaugurated in 2013 and supported by the Allianz Cultural Foundation among others, the non-profit organization has established a strong network of supporters from accelerators to venture capital firms all over Europe.

    With the Startup Heatmap Europe, which started in late 2015, the initiative has earned appraisal from important stakeholders in the ecosystem. Now, it is time to bring it to the next level

    Looking forward to get to know you!

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