Mimic Productions is hiring a book-keeper to start as soon as possible

MIMIC PRODUCTIONS Published: September 14, 2017
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Mimic Productions is a leading Berlin-based 3D Animation and Motion Capture studio focusing on high-quality, photo-realistic digital doubles and 3D Characters. Alongside Animation and Motion Capture, we also provide services such as Rigging, a portable 3D Scanning system, Holograms, Modelling and Concept Art creation.


Suitable candidates should:

  • speak German and English fluently
  • have an applicable education/degree
  • have entry-level experience or more

The book-keeping position is largely focussed on file preparation and paperwork related to taxes, which is a part-time job. However, we would be very interested to offer a full-time position if you also take on a studio assistance role.

Studio responsibilities would include: stocking office supplies, maintaining and organizing the studio, performing minor repairs, tidying up before client visits, filing paperwork, creating freelancers accounts for email and time-tracking software, preparing small contracts, ensuring that the studio always looks professional, and providing refreshments or small tokens of appreciation for the team, especially while working on tight deadlines.

Our studio is located in a scenic and lively environment in the former crematorium in Wedding, which houses many other creative studios and organizations who regularly put together exhibitions, parties and other events.

If interested, please send us your CV and a short cover letter to [email protected]

Thank you!


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