Kick-ass computer vision expert / Unity developer wanted!

    tribe GmbH Published: December 17, 2018
    Berlin, Germany
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    We are a Berlin-based startup in stealth mode. We develop avatar-based communication and A.I.-based personal assistant application interfaces. You are an experienced computer vision expert / Unity developer (or comparable) who wants to be part of our next product cycle.

    This is what we offer

    • Cool stuff: Backed by academia, we develop high tech facial communication software and combine it with real A.I. applications.
    • Prestige: We start in January in Germanys most prestigious tech accelerator program and you will be part of it.
    • Flexibility: Long-term commitment and employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) is possible
    • Great work environment: We are very experience tech-startup guys, we have an awesome office, and we plan to go to Silicon Valley for a tech boot camp where you are free to join.
    • Money: We pay far above market rates

    This is what you offer

    • Experience in game and app development (Unity, Blender, etc.) with a sense for design and UI/UX
    • Excellent 3D modelling skills and experience in computer vision / facial recognition
    • Excellent coding skills and good understanding of versioning tools
    • Get-stuff-done mentality in a move fast and break things environment

    Whatsapp or call us (Kevin): +491732888812
    Email us: [email protected]
    Visit us: