Junior to Mid-Level Front-End Web Developer

This job posting expired and applications are no longer accepted.
Schema Published: November 15, 2018
London, United Kingdom
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We founded Schema with a clear mission to drive human progress by structuring knowledge and making it more accessible to everyone. We have incredible momentum, a capable team and we’re backed by some of the best investors across the Atlantic.

The role:

Junior to Mid-Level Front-End Web Developer

The mission:

  1. Execution: You will need to deliver robust technical contribution to the webapp under considerable time constraints and take end-to-end responsibilities with your tasks.
  2. Grow to be a technical leader:  You will need to take efforts within and outside the workplace to grow into a proficient and independent contributor.

The responsibilities:

Primarily, the role exists to assist in the frontend development of our React web app and the backend development of our NodeJS server. Specifically, the candidate will be expected to ship features on a production level across the stack. You will be given specific tasks to complete and features to deploy under time constraints but you will have freedom in terms of the actual implementation. You will be working closely with the co-founders and lead developer to iterate as fast as possible at the highest quality.  Learning on the job is crucial and you should move fast in instances where challenges surface. Crucially, we expect and will support you in improving your skills beyond regular work-time to surpass your potential. In short, we are looking for a strong player in their field who has the potential to grow into an A-class technical leader.


£30,000 - £50,000

Competitive compensation: cash negotiable/equity shares based on experience and fit + raises based on performance. Compensation for remote developers is based on local rates.

The Outcomes:

1.Ship new assigned features list as quickly as possible under the direction of our Head of Engineering (ReactJS + NodeJS):

  • Refactoring the front-end to React
  • Admin panel with analytics
  • Add new features to the Schema editor
  • Develop the new enterprise tier (for organisations/teams)

2. Maintain the application:

  • Respond to critical bugs within 24 hours
  • Constantly run performance checks
  • Engage in thorough defect tracking post-deployment
  • Familiarise with various development environments & ability to deploy independently
  • Prepare technical documentation

3. Write modular tests for the application:

  • Write unit tests and integration tests across the stack
  • Write end to end tests (Selenium and Nightwatch.js)

4. Participate in biweekly product roadmap review and hit the milestones.

5. Grow leadership skills:

  • Make efforts to develop more advanced skills like architecture and design
  • Investigate new technologies to boost product development
  • Become involved in recruitment

6. Contribute to team building:

  • Engage in peer review and feedback sessions
  • Attend and contribute to all team meetings

Technical Requirements: (Recommended):

  • 1 year of professional full-stack web development experience
  • Production experience using React and Redux (or other mainstream frontend frameworks) and other modern toolchains
  • Experience with shipping features on a single page application
  • Experience with REST APIs and good understanding of HTTP
  • Experience with the Javascript type system (Typescript)
  • Good understanding of the importance of maintainability and code quality
  • Familiar with the best programming practices
  • Knowledge of some Javascript testing frameworks
  • Bonus: Experience with Firebase, Google Cloud services, Amazon Web Service App Sync and mobile stack

Why work with us?

  • Awesome location  - office located 5mins from Old Street and Moorgate tube station.
  • Superb advisor - Biz Stone, the co-founder of Twitter, is our investor and advisor and we work very closely on the product.
  • Great investors - we are backed by some of the best investors in our vertical including SeedCamp and Emerge Education.
  • Unique opportunity - we are a high growth startup with incredible momentum and we often offer very generous share options.
  • Great culture - we dream big and we care a lot about our team members. All team members work directly with the founders and we try our best to make the work meaningful and beneficial to you as an individual.

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