Junior Marketing Automation Engineer

ProntoPro SrL Published: July 19, 2019
Milan, Italy
Job Type


Location: Milan, Italy

Duration: 4-6 months

Type of internship: internship required by your university


ProntoPro.it is Italy’s largest local-service marketplace. Although we are experiencing extremely rapid growth, we haven’t yet achieved our objective. We are looking for brilliant people to help us achieve it.

Our objective is to have a real social impact: we wish to bring transparency and meritocracy in a market where this is lacking, and give work to those people who really deserve it. We also firmly believe that, in order to have a meaningful impact, it is not enough to create value for a few customers: we need to build and scale a product that will be used by millions.

We are a startup experiencing explosive growth: in March 2015 we launched with 2 people, today we have reached over 100 people at ProntoPro. Average age is 29, our offices in Milan, Vienna and Rome are open-space, and we strive to minimize bureaucracy: everyone has great responsibility and directly impacts on our success. We have prestigious institutional investors such as Immobiliare.it, while our angel investors and advisors hold leadership positions at Google, Facebook, eBay, McKinsey, and Unicredit; it’s safe to say we don’t have the risk profile of a typical startup.

We do have competitors: we actually were the last company to enter this market. However, we are not concerned: we are now 3 times bigger than the second largest player.

For our Headquarters in Milan we are looking for people who get excited at the prospect of building a huge company that will greatly affect the lives of millions, as it does already in Italy. We are currently launching into new markets and need talented people who want to make a difference.

Ready for a new challenge?


  • You are currently studying and need an internship for your degree
  • You are highly analytical and have already worked on projects using programming languages such as PHP, Javascript, Python or C++
  • You figure things out. You do not expect nor need hand-holding
  • You hate manual work and automate every repetitive task immediately
  • You are itching for real responsibility - to be in a position where you can really make or break the company
  • You want to build something huge that will change the way all your colleagues and therefore ProntoPro.it will operate
  • You have the statup all-hands-on-deck I’ll-make-it-happen-no-matter-what approach!

Your Job

You will improve the efficiency of our day-to-day operations. You will create processes and technology-enabled strategies no one in the company has thought of before. You will directly impact your colleagues working time with your programs. You will be solving problems that have never been solved before, so no one will be able to teach you; you will think, try, fail, repeat, and win.


You job will transform several times. Initially, you will be taking over rather simple projects as a way to learn the ins and outs or ProntoPro.it; but quickly you will be expected to go beyond; look and what can be improved and bring your unique contribution to ProntoPro! We are looking for entrepreneurs who take real ownership, not people who are waiting for someone to tell them what to do.

What You Can Expect

  • Responsibility from day 1 - see the impact of your work!
  • Learn and grow in a dynamic international team
  • Valuable insights into the world of digital marketing and a growing startup
  • Central office in Milan
  • English as the company language
  • Friday beers are on us!
  • In-office Table Tennis and Darts to let off some steam after work!
  • Chance to secure a full-time position once you graduate


Sound like the right opportunity for you? Then send us a current CV and show us why you would be a great addition to the ProntoPro Team!


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