International Mobility Agent

This job posting expired and applications are no longer accepted.
uButler Published: August 9, 2021
Amsterdam, Netherlands
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As a International Mobility Agent, you are the main and most important connection to our Global Employees. You will be working closely together with a team of GE Managers, Relocation Coordinators and the Operations Manager. As a result of this intense, daily bond in our workspace, it is crucial that you are a fluent Dutch speaker as well as English.  In addition, you will be working in shifts during the day and night, at our beautiful office at the Passeerdersgracht, in the center of Amsterdam.

Starting as a International Mobility Agent at uButler means starting in the position of Handler. After you have gained a sufficient amount of experience at the Handler position, you will move on to the Chatter position. The absolute beauty of starting as a Relocation position are the truly endless possibilities to grow within the organization. To explain further, moving through these positions in the organization will hand you all the knowledge and experience necessary to grow as a person but also as a skilled employee!

As a Handler, you will be responsible for carrying out all the requests we receive from our GE’s. Within your endeavors, you will be closely communicating with our partners from all over the world! In this position, you are expected to come up with smart solutions to demanding situations, as well as thinking proactively for the GE. You will be working in shifts from 09:00 AM to 17:00 AM.

As a Chatter, you will be responsible for a natural, sophisticated method of communication with our GE’s, through the chatting system by our own design. Our GE’s originate from all over the world, therefore you will be interested in new cultures and empathize accordingly if necessary. You will be surprising GE’s on a regular basis by thinking on your feet and personalizing your best advice for every situation. You will be working in shifts from 0800 - 15:30 AM or from 15:30 to 23:30.

Together, the Handlers and Chatters are responsible for making the arrival of our GE’s a smooth and unforgettable experience!   WHAT WE’RE LOOKING FOR

  • HBO/WO level of education
  • Living in Amsterdam or surroundings
  • Fluent in Dutch and English
  • Organized and customer friendly
  • Flexibly employable for at least 2-4 shifts a week.


  • Unique working experience, in addition to the possibility of improving your personal skills and knowledge together with your education
  • Room for initiative and improvements
  • Plenty of responsibility and the opportunity to develop within the organization
  • A place in an exciting, young working team where we love to joke around!
  • An extensive, daily lunch
  • A subscription to Swapfiets!
  • Legendary company drinks and outings

Wonderful! Our mission is to create the best digital relocation service there can possibly be and we will not stop until we succeed! Do you want to be part of this great journey?

Register quickly or contact:

Medea Weertman | People & Culture | [email protected] | +316 18 53 81 81


uButler is a 24/7 service that provides assistance to international local hires that need to find their way in the Netherlands. International Mobility Agents, who work under the alias ‘Sophie’, arrange everything that a newcomer needs when settling in a new country via our special created software. Think about opening a bank account, taking out health insurance to arrange personal matters, like arranging a holiday or looking for a hobby. Our golden formula of well-trained people, combined with a smart system, ensures that international local hires will find their way in the Netherlands within a few weeks! Are you the new link in this technical and innovative start-up?


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