Initial Co-Founder: Designer/Customer Analyst at SilkSage in Amsterdam

SilkSage Published: December 6, 2017


Become part of a trinity co-founder team to challenge the current apparel industries' unfair and harmful practices: &
The core team will exist out of three complementing founders: business, design, and tech. Each has his or her own tasks, roles, and responsibilities, but above all, everyone is expected to collaborate as openly as possible with the goal to create a completely transparent environment.

The craftsman (Designer/Customer Expert/Behaviour Analyst) is the creative-genius brand-evangelist who can be seen as the funnel between company and user. Anything the user experiences in form of product, marketing, content, service or whatever, comes from this user champion. She truly understands the users and has the ability to easily interpret their desires, problems, and expectations. Therefore the craftsman is the go-to person for an aligned marketing process, product development, and user experience.

The craftsman constantly re-calibrates the company’s positioning by genuinely interacting with the customers to seek deep understanding. She creates a marketing strategy and is capable to execute it herself because she can create content, deal with partners, analyze metrics, grow users and understand social media, online marketing, and A/B testing. Everything the craftsman does is to make users truly fall in love with the company’s product.

Because the craftsman understands the customers better than anyone, she is also the one to come up with ways to improve the company’s product. Whether experiments, designs for front-end adjustment, UX/UI or new features, the craftsman knows what to build or change and why.

In sum, the craftsman shapes all dimensions of interaction happening between user and company. Everything the user does or sees it thought about by this artist.

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