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aassio Published: June 5, 2018
Berlin, Germany
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to create a better life with real estate



aassio is a platform based on blockchain technology where people can get easy access to invest, hold, buy or sell real estate with other crypto currencies. It is low-cost and people can benefit from the secure asset class real estate with small capital in token form.


We strongly believe that the blockchain will fundamentally change the way people own and trade real estate. In the future, everyone could be an owner of real estate, everyone could benefit from investing, holding and trading real estate in token form.


Founded in Jan. 2018 by serial entrepreneurs internationally across Europe, China and USA from eCommerce, FinTech and IT consulting, aassio has not only experienced but also very creative and passionate team members. Now we are looking for another great mind to join our fantastic start-up team as

Head of Product - blockchain

Make sure you are the right guy we are looking for because

You Are

Hungry and foolish. You know what you love, you are eager to learn all the essential knowledge about the future - the blockchain era, and you learn fast. You stay focused and always try you best to understand the users in every tiny detail. The pursuit of building a great product makes you passionate and ambitious.


A doer. Execution is in the first line of your work code. Sure, you listen carefully, read, analyze and discuss a lot. But nothing can stop you from finishing your tasks in time, or even ahead of schedule. You love to be highly effective and result-oriented. Your favorite style is “just do it & get it done”!


Flexible and open-minded. Your interests aren’t restricted to the product or technology. You are excited to make a business take off the ground and roll on a growth path. You work whenever an idea sparkles without time or location restrictions. You like to verify ideas with believable people. You don’t always want to be right, but you do want to find the truth.


Creative and innovative. You are capable to reinvent the business of crypto assets especially real estate with the team.


You Want

To be in a great team. Nobody is great enough to work by himself. It’s amazing to work along with people who are proactive, effective, passionate, result-oriented, open-minded, creative and professional, and such people actually care about you, value what you do, help each other and have fun the whole journey.


To be part of a success story. Greatness is not about some brilliant idea, but serial actions and the persistence to make it happen. aassio would be a success story about entering the post-internet-era, the blockchian era. You know it’s difficult and yet you don’t want to miss out the opportunity to be one of the main creators of a great product.


To be a leading role. You want to be someone who takes responsibilities, not only for himself, but also for other colleagues. You may take part of designing a solid team structure within product, engineering and usability.


To help others. Helping or assisting other people like colleagues, customers or users is something you always happy to do.

You Have

Relevant experiences.

  • Product management or design (in FinTech or similar consumer-facing business) with focus on both web- and app-based products
  • Smart contract design, token design and the implementation
  • Operating experience of exchange platform of crypto currencies or other digital exchanges
  • Designing for iOS & Android across device types
  • Working with stakeholders (tokenholders) or customers to understand project goals
  • ICO related project management
  • Writing Whitepaper and product documentation


Decent Knowledge.

  • Blockchain technology and engineering in general
  • Agile product development processes
  • UX/UI design and development
  • Knowledge of financial markets would be a plus


Excellent skills.

  • Proven capability as a strong, disciplined leader (leading yourself and others) in an agile environment
  • Excellent communication and relationship management skills
  • Fluent in English (written and spoken)
  • A strong user focus, hands-on mentality, and always strive to find the best solution as quickly as possible


You Get

A key role in the founding team. You should be taking responsibilities as a key role in the founding team, and of course you’ll have a big impact to the company from its early stage. This role will report to CTO or could be developing towards CTO himself.


Great token reward. You will be rewarded with an adequate token stake since aassio will be making its ICO within foreseeable time.


Appropriate compensation. The compensation depends on the stage of the startup, which means smaller piece in the beginning and above average later.


Join aassio

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