Full Stack Software Engineer

QuantCopy Published: February 22, 2021
London, United Kingdom
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We are a well-funded pre-seed stage startup with an aim to reorganize the world's information The search engines we know and love are well-suited for consumer applications, but they are not designed for enterprise use cases.

Please read the following job description thoroughly to ensure you're the right fit for this role before applying.

Too many office hours are spent doing repetitive web research which requires basic reading and writing comprehension.

Up until now, these tasks have been just out of reach from automation, but with the recent advancements in language modeling they are now possible.

Our first product is a customer analysis platform for enterprise revenue teams.

Our customers love our product because it saves them hours of tedious work reading through text to find the insights they need As such, we've been able to grow organically through word-of-mouth referrals.

We are currently preparing for 10X users to onboard.

On a high level
- our data pipeline takes a configuration from our users about target companies and questions they need answered, ingests natural language data from the web, and extracts snippets of information about the target companies that answer our users' research questions ❓ The engineering roadmap for the next 6 months includes implementation of more sophisticated text analytics and processing features, improving the efficiency and scalability of our data pipeline, and exposing more filters and controls to our users via our UI.

Our stack is postgreSQL, Python, GraphQL, React & Typescript.

We are a small team of physicists and computer scientists (Cambridge, Imperial, Palantir, CERN) based in London.

We will be operating remotely until it is safe to consider an alternative.

We intend to open an office in London when it is safe to do so, but we will be flexible to remote


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