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Casumo Published: December 24, 2016
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Here at Casumo, we have our lovingly crafted desktop app, our award-winning mobile app, and a suite of bespoke tools to support us in being the best we can be. These are all constantly evolving through the combined creativity of everyone here.
We’re currently looking to strengthening our Growth Team with our first full-stacked Growth Engineer – a crossover profile combining an interest and flair of user behavior, UX research, rapid experiments and conversions with a strong and up-to-date knowledge of both frontend and backend languages.
You will join a small team focused on optimizing the user experience in the acquisition funnel, a business critical part of our product, in order to drive more conversions and help Casumo achieve more for less. But that’s not all – you’ll be touching many different areas of the product, with the common goal to drive conversions, engagement, retention and virality in order to grow the business. So put your growth hacker hat on, brainstorm with the team, build experiments, launch AB tests, integrate new tools and have a relaxing beer at the office terrace on Friday!


You are a full-stacked developer who’s been working closely with multi-disciplined teams focusing on growth, CRO, UX and complex technologies. You love data, both in the shape of hunches and hard metrics. You find it equally interesting to dig into data, study user behavior and conduct user tests, as going into crunch mode and coding the perfect UI treatment to launch as an AB test. You are an open-minded, honest and driven problem solver, who is not only hungry for more learnings but also able to spread knowledge and enthusiasm to others around you.


• Looking forward to working in a small and fast-paced team crafting and launching experiments.
• Have a couple of years experience of working with growth, CRO and UX types of teams and projects.
• Experienced in taking part in hypothesis formulation, collaborating with designers and UX researchers, conducting UX research and building treatments for AB tests.
• Up-to-date and fluent in both frontend and backend languages, in particular JavaScript and Java.
• You are a curious cat, interested in how users perceive and use online technology and UI:s.
• Comfortable with complex JavaScript SPAs and two-way data binding (experience with Knockout is a plus). Eager to keep up to date.
• Experienced in working with complex single-page JavaScript applications.
• Enjoy the challenge of finding the optimal compromise between user experience, monetary performance and artistic value.
• Have a true interest that reaches beyond any course or education.
• Independent and self-motivated. Idling is not your thing, you are a team-player and a self-starter.
• Can create positive changes, without losing friends over the existence of semi-colons.
• A jolly good sentient being.
• You appreciate this video https://www.destroyallsoftware.com/talks/wat and you get these http://saijogeorge.com/css-puns/.


At Casumo, we strive to create the optimal developer experience. We believe in every individual’s needs and desires to be unique and let each developer be the main force for creating their best work environment. This includes being in control of your own schedule, tools, meetings and projects. As a developer at Casumo you will work with an international, distributed and highly skilled team. We strongly value team spirit and a respectful environment. A humble and open mindset is key to reach higher aims.
This role is a new one at Casumo, which means you will have a great impact on how we work going forward. We usually look for jacks-of-all-trades and the same is true here, but we believe that this role could add a lot of value to the team and the company as a whole.

Here are some examples of stuffs you’d probably find yourself doing:

• Implementation of new UX research, analytics and AB testing tools.
• Crafting of highly-converting start-pages, landing pages, registration flows, onboarding flows and payment flows.
• Working on viral product features, focusing on increasing the K-factor.
• Take part in analysis, investigations, brainstorming sessions and all the other nice things orbiting actual development.
• Evangelizing for the importance of data-based decision making and showcasing our achievements.
• Working with a native wrapper for mobile apps in SWIFT.
• Fiddling with Knockout, Durandal, RequireJS, Lodash, Moment, Greensock, jQuery, Bluebird, our in-house bespoke AB testing framework, Mixpanel and more.
• Continuous integration, you deploy when you are ready.
• Dedicated time for experiments, it can be new frameworks, ES6 or whatever rocks your boat.

Stuff you probably know:
• Rollbar, Browserstack.
• Selenium, Intern, Karma, Mocha, Chai, Sinon.
• NPM, bower, gulp.
• Java, Spring, CQRS, MySQL, Bash, Python, CoffeeScript.
• ESLint.
• Git, Github, Zenhub, Slack, Screenhero.
• Vagrant.

You can work from Malta, Barcelona, Gibraltar or remotely, as long as you are based in Europe.

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