Full Stack Developer – Nodejs Redis

    Advertz Published: June 7, 2019
    PARIS, France
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    Full-Stack Developer – NodeJS React UX


    www.Advertz.io is a digital marketing platform putting digital asset exposure demand and offer in a one to one relationship. We innovate by validating the provided traffic with the blockchain technology, and by rewarding our members according to their engagement in the network.


    For our scale-up, we are looking for our Paris Office:


    Full-Stack Developer - NodeJS React UX


    Our techno stack :


    • Databases :
    1. mariaDb
    2. redis
    3. elasticsearch
    4. neo4j


    • APIs : Node.js / Express.js (services en zeit/microjs)


    • Client :
    1. js / React / mobx
    2. js (for plugins wordpress, joomla...)


    • Others :
    1. Kafka / Docker / nginx
    2. Stripe Payments
    3. Mobile apps iOS Android
    4. dApps / Web3 / WebJS (for blockchain integration)


    We are looking for someone:

    1. Rigorous: Able to handle the global architecture and the technologies’ choice for each functionality.
    2. Passionate: Curious and multifaceted. Able to pass from the web development front & back, to mobile app, while using a DevOps approach.
    3. Pragmatic: Able to understand the business requirements quickly, being proactive, and foresee the long-term implications.
    4. Communicative: able to express clearly, and explain its technical developments in a easy comprehensible way. Able to easily fit into the current team.

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