Full Stack Developer @ Headlight

Headlight Published: December 4, 2018
Copenhagen, Denmark
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Headlight (https://www.weareheadlight.com/) want to help create a world where people approach work with the courage succeed before of the fear of failing. We have designed the Headlight Program to just this and to help people obtain the skills and courage to create extraordinary results.

We are a young company, nearly 1 year old. We are funded by Founders and led by an experienced management team. Our office is right next to Kødbyen. We have big ambitions are seeking an experienced Full Stack Developer.

What’s in it for you?

By working for Headlight you will be in a charge of our whole infrastructure, frontend, and backend for both our iOS/Android app and web app. You will have a lot of freedom to choose the technologies you want to work with and the setup you want to make. Together with the rest of our small team you will develop our product and our goal is that we can quickly make changes to the product.

What you'll be working with:

  • Web frontend (JavaScript, React, Redux, and Sass)
  • iOS and Android app (JavaScript, React Native, Expo, and Redux)
  • Backend API (Node.js, Postgres, Express, Socket.io)
  • All deployment is on Heroku, and we use various external services like Mixpanel and Postmark

Who you are/Requirements:

  • Fluent in JavaScript
  • Know your way around a frontend
  • Have either worked with React Native/Expo (or think it sounds fun to try…)
  • Accept some level of chaos to move faster (In fact, you enjoy and welcome it!)
  • Creative person that loves building products


  • High level of responsibility - you are willing to jump in, roll sleeves up
  • Work very independently
  • Competitive salary

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