Full-Stack Developer / Co-Founder

OnboardMe Published: March 9, 2017



  • The “Fear of Missing Out” causes dissatisfaction amongst our fellow young homies. As the focus for discovering the “coolest” experience and knowing the best spots to hang out are based on the individual always looking outward instead of in-ward.




  • Introducing OnboardMe, our vision is to create an omni-present intelligent planning FRIEND, that empowers the young and curious with the best on-demand events and activities based on their #TravelMood and lifestyle preferences.



  • We are excited the announce we have finished building our sexy little MVP and currently preparing for Beta-Testing with live users! (So get Onboarded)
  • Everything OnboardMe does is YOUNG, COOL, PASSIONATE, SURPRISING & MISCHIEVOUS. Our values are what keeps us looking beyond the current hyped products and always questioning “How Cool Will Travel Technology Get 10 Years From Now”
  • We exist to bring together our community of talented Travel Bloggers, amazing brands and event organisers and rich content providers
  • At OnboardMe, we’re bridging the gap between social inspiration & the world travel market one Holidayboard at a time.



  • You want to be the lead developer on an elite team
  • You LOVE to code and solve hard problems by building cool stuff
  • You can #hustle to get the desired result
  • You think life is too short to work with B-players
  • You are passionate about #GettingSh*tDone
  • You slap challenges in the face



- Untouchable software design and development skills, and a passion to solve hard technical problems with innovative solutions.

- A track record of building web and mobile applications in record time.

- Confidence and a desire to the lead developers on a cool team.

- Full Stack Developer with experience developing web and mobile applications and designing scalable, fault-tolerant and secure cloud-based architectures using Amazon Web Services or other cloud providers.

- Experience with the Lean Startup Methodology including MVPs, A/B testing, rapid iterations, and growth hacking, a plus.



PHP (plan to start again in Python), Java, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Machine Learning, Software Development, SQL, Big Data, MySQL, Android, iOS, MongoDB, Software Architecture, Web Development, Mobile Development
Lean Startups, CTO, Startup Founder, Startups, Agile Software Develoment, SCRUM, Amazon Web Services, Agile and Lean Startups, Mobile Application Development, Mobile Payments, Backend Development, Full-Stack Web Development, Angular.JS, REST APIs, REST, AngularJS, python/django

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