Full Stack / Backend Software Developer

    Flexciton Published: November 9, 2017


    This is an opportunity to work with cutting-edge technology and to have a huge impact on the future of a young company. You'll be developing a cloud based optimisation platform to revolutionise the manufacturing space.

    The ideal candidate would have a good grounding in Python and experience in developing, deploying and maintaining a REST API and all the infrastructure that goes with it. They would be keen to introduce new ideas, both for the direction and implementation of the product and for the processes and culture of the company. They would function effectively with high levels of responsibility and pressure, have a strong initiative and an entrepreneurial drive to grow the company.

    Your daily tasks would include:
    - Developing features for the Flexciton API
    - Fixing bugs
    - Developing and maintaining the Flexciton infrastructure
    - Developing the frontend Angular app (if desired)
    - Helping, liaising and working with the optimisation and data analytics team to ensure the quality of the whole code base
    Taking major decisions about the direction and architecture of the product

    Current Stack:
    - Python flask REST API
    - Angular web application
    - Microsoft Azure
    - Docker Swarm
    - MongoDB
    - RabbitMQ

    The ideal candidate would have:
    - Extensive Python experience
    - Good knowledge and experience of DevOps, specifically cloud-based infrastructure
    - A desire for responsibility and the opportunity to make a big difference