Frontend Web Developer Published: February 7, 2018
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    Are you ready for the opportunity of your lifetime? This is not an average "nine-to-five office job". Not even close. We are a Finnish Tech Start-up which is changing the world of booking business meetings! Your role is very important and you are going to work with our local and international development teams. We are looking for a Professional with the right attitude and matching mindset. Apply now! This is your Moonshot!


    • Strong experience with SASS/LESS
    • Experience with Drupal base themes such as Zen/Omega/Mothership/Bootstrap and know how to build custom Drupal themes
    • Neat to have: Angular.js / Backbone.js / React knowledge
    • Know how to use Features (Drupal module) workflow
    • Less focus in modules and coding, but more focus in JS and CSS
    • Know the basics how to edit pictures and graphics with Adobe Photoshop

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