Freelancers and Part-timers for a Speech Collection Project Anywhere in Ireland

Appen Published: July 30, 2019
Dublin, Ireland
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In this task, using our Appen Mobile Recorder (AMR), you will create and record a command in English you would say to a conversational bot (such as Siri and Alexa) in the context given in order to have the bot to help you carry out certain activities.

This can be things such as:

  • Setting up reminders: Remind me to call my wife at 10am
  • Social Media: Show me Jen's photo from last week

Data collected will be used to train and develop artificial intelligence algorithms behind voice recognition technologies. There is a total of 866 items, which will take approx. 3 hours in total to complete. You can either complete all items in on go or complete a batch each day.
Please Note: This project has a task rate and not an hourly rate.