Entrepreneurial City Manager for Football App

Just Play Published: July 22, 2020
Paris, France
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Looking for entrepreneurial football enthusiast to launch football app. Play football everyday, have the freedom of running a mini business with the security of a wage that grows as the community grows.

City Manager Role

The role of city manager is to launch and grow the number of Just Play games in the specific city. The role is varied and requires many skills. The city manager must work independently and be entrepreneurial. The role involves:
* Digital marketing. Online ads, promotion codes, SEO.
* Finding and negotiating pitch deals with pitches across the city.
* Recruiting and managing game hosts to host Just Play games.
* Participating in, hosting and improving the quality of Just Play games in the city.

Attributes Expected

* Entrepreneurial
* Independent worker
* Varied skills to fulfil the roles (above) for a city manager. Including digital marketing, management and business development.
* Football player and enthusiast. Sufficient football skill is required to arrange football matches.
* Fluency in English and French (in Paris and Montreal), Austrian German (in Vienna)


The initial salary is a slightly lower than average professional entry salary in the city. The salary increases with the number of games in the city. This can quickly add up. Leading a city with 5 games each day would give a salary of around €35k per year. This can quickly progress to €50k per year (10 games per day) and €100k per year (25 games per day). All of these are achievable within 3 years. These are the figures for Paris, Dublin and Vienna. Figures for Canada likely to be similar and figures for New York City to be higher.

What is Just Play

Just Play is a Pick Up Football App which allows players to play football whenever they want. Players choose from multiple games each day, go to the pitch, and enjoy a great game of football with new people. Just Play makes playing football as easy as going to the gym while creating friendships that can last a lifetime.

Just Play was created by the co-founder of CeleBreak, a similar pick up football app with over 12,000 players and €1million revenue. Download the Just Play app here: http://onelink.to/justplaysoccer

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