Deep Learning Engineer (Intern)

Luminovo Artificial Intelligence GmbH Published: November 27, 2018
München, Germany
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About us:

At Luminovo, our mission is to make AI easily usable and widely used. We currently focus on B2B deep learning projects and building tooling to automate common deep learning workflows.

Our team is diverse, international and fun and is made up of graduates from Stanford University, ETH Zurich, TUM and CDTM. After stints at Google, Intel and McKinsey, our two founders met at Stanford University and decided to relocate to Munich in 2017 to help European businesses accelerate the adoption of deep learning.

We love to work with exceptional people on interesting problems. So far, our clients include startups from Silicon Valley, mid-sized German companies, as well as established DAX corporations.

Your Role:

Please have a look at our Deep Learning Engineer (Full-Time) position. As an intern at Luminovo you are immediately part of the core team and you will be doing much of the same things as our full-time employees depending on your experience and skill level when you start your internship.

Your Internship:

Here are some more fun facts about your internship at Luminovo:

  • We do regular 1:1s, retrospectives and paper reading groups to make sure we are constantly getting better at what we do.
  • On the same note: we value psychological safety and honest feedback a lot! As an intern, as much as a full-time employee, we expect you to speak up and share your ideas about what we can improve within the company.
  • We do regular company events together (just recently we went to Oktoberfest together and delivered a very average performance at one of the local pub quizzes; up next: a hiking trip to the Alps)
  • We have a personal Barista at our current office, so no need to worry about making coffee during your internship. P.S. There is also free beer...

If you are just as excited as we are about making AI easily usable and widely used and want to work with some of the best AI engineers in Germany, please apply at the following link:

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